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I Haven’t Been Myself Since My Last Break-Up And This Is Why.

I met this Muslim lady online and we dated. This lady has been nothing but very good to me. She’s caring, selfless, supportive, funny, beautiful,God fearing etc. She bears all the qualities I look for in a lady. We started as just friends,she’s affable and due to that we got to vibe a lot. I realized her vibe matches mine so I began to like her and was always happy to chat her.
We got to know each other more so I was eager to meet her in person.

Fast forward, I paid her a visit. She accepted me hospitably and that made me super excited. But I noticed her crazy form when after a 30 mins of conversation she stood up to get us something from the kitchen. Even in that big hijab(veil) I could still notice her form, that means this lady is naturally endowed. Don’t judge me please, I’m part of the big back and nice shape gang so I couldn’t take my eyes off. I started feeling uneasy and couldn’t look her straight in the eyes when she returned but I managed to hide it. We ate, drunk, cracked jokes. It was fun and now it’s time for me to leave so she escorted me and that was it.

I Haven’t Been Myself Since My Last Break-Up And This Is Why.

I got attracted to her but to be honest I wasn’t ready for a relationship but I found her attractive in the sense that I could get the chance to lay her along the line if I get close to her.
Now I needed to date her to get her to visit me since she made me aware she can’t date me due to religious reasons but in case we date she would probably visit me. She can’t visit as we’re friends now, but she would probably consider if we were dating. She’s very difficult to convince and she has this dominating character. It got to a time I almost gave up but after numerous attempt I succeeded and we started dating.

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I got her to visit me. The first time I acted all gentlemanly because I didn’t want her to get the clue. We watched movies, talked, ate and I asked for a hug and peck when she was leaving and it generated into a kiss. She was surprised but she liked it anyways.
Gradually, I got her into bed butshe wouldn’t have sex me, that she has never done it before and it’s against your her religion and all sort of complains. I told her it’s okay so we romanced and cuddled though she was uncomfortable buh she liked it.

I Haven’t Been Myself Since My Last Break-Up And This Is Why.
I Haven’t Been Myself Since My Last Break-Up And This Is Why.

Our sexual escapades was now centered on only romance and cuddling, there was no way she would allow me to have sex with her.
I found it boring but I didn’t tell her. She was still good, caring and normally advice me when I encounter problems and even support financially if she can. I fell in love with her along the line but I also thought I can’t marry her due to our religious differences. There are instances she has told me it gonna be difficult but she loves me. Buh I did the unthinkable, I cheated on her with her roomie who was a Christian. My conscience was judging me so I told her the truth and she was heart broken. She poured out her emotions and ended the relationship.

I haven’t been myself after the break up. I often think about her and I really miss her. I have apologized buh she wouldn’t listen. I don’t know what to do.Should I let her go due to our religious differences? Or I should settle things with her and wait for the outcome?
Please advice me because I really love her and she’s such a good lady.

I Haven’t Been Myself Since My Last Break-Up And This Is Why.

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