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I Have To Pay Her Gh300 Every 2 Weeks To Help Me With House Chores.

Hot To Handle A Petty Girlfriend?

My girlfriend is petty. She complains of almost everything I do. For more than two weeks now we haven’t spoken because she bought me a needle and thread and taught me to sew some months ago and I still gave out my thorn trouser to my tailor.

If I had thrown the trouser away too, we will fight. I don’t know how to explain to her that, I have forgotten how to sew. She thinks I am wasting money by not doing these petty things but I really can’t do them. I am a busy person so I sometimes take my clothes to the laundry.

She doesn’t come to help with these things because according to her, she will only perform wife duties in marriage and I am okay with her decision. I want her to give me my peace of mind. It is not like taking my things to laundry or giving cash to my mom to prepare a meal for me is affecting my financial life.

I Have To Pay Her Gh300 Every 2 Weeks To Help Me With House Chores.
I Have To Pay Her Gh300 Every 2 Weeks To Help Me With House Chores.

I am doing well by God’s grace. I can cook but, it’s not delicious so I prefer that of my mother since she (my girlfriend) won’t do it for me. If she as my girlfriend for over two years says she can’t do anything for me till marriage, why does she complain of me giving my mom money to cook for me?

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The girl is trying so hard to make me a man I am not. I find it real hard to scrub the bath house or sweep the room. The truth is, these petty things are things I really find hard doing. So there was a time she came over to meet the room a bit disorganized and the bathroom very slippery. I pleaded with her to help me out and she demanded I pay her Gh300.00 which I agreed to and since then, she comes to scrub every two weeks for Ghc300.

I Have To Pay Her Gh300 Every 2 Weeks To Help Me With House Chores.
I Have To Pay Her Gh300 Every 2 Weeks To Help Me With House Chores.

I am really tired of her naggings. I left my phone in the car about a month ago when I went to the mall to buy some items for the house and someone broke my window and picked it unfortunately. The next day, I told her I was going to get a new phone since I couldn’t get the stolen one back after trying for a while.

She asked which phone I was going to get and I said since the previous was an IPhone X, I will just upgrade to an iPhone 11. She got angry. She said I was careless and I might misplace it again meanwhile that was the first time I lost my phone since she got to know me. I didn’t know what she meant by I was careless. She insisted I get an android phone for the mean time so I will learn my lesson.

This issue made us quarrel till I finally bought an android phone a week later before we had some peace. The following week was when the needle and thread issue also came up.
I don’t want it to seem like I am complaining but, could it be that I am not doing something right?

This lady has been a headache and a pill. She is ok somehow but, she is troubling my private life. I haven’t bought any shoes or clothes in a while because I am scared of her. She will check my wardrobe to see if I have gotten new things so she can complain. I don’t even look smart to work these days.

I want your advice on this. What should I do? I am so confused; I haven’t spoken with anyone on this matter yet because I don’t know who.

Kindly assist me please.

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