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I Have A Side Chick Who Comes To Finish My Man’s Bed Job.

I have been dating this guy for two years and I swear, he is more than bad in bed. Opana can even ejaculate before I think of going to visit him. It’s serious ooooo. In fact, he is faster than the seconds hand of a clock. We have tried finding help from a few places but his condition doesn’t seem to be improving. He is proud too. He doesn’t want to go anywhere; I have to talk for long. When we get there too, instead of describing the condition to be serious, he will be talking as if he can even last a second. He won’t follow any doctor’s instructions or take any drugs recommended for him. The moment I complain, we will argue for days so at a point, I had to stop talking about it.

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Anonymous Tales

It’s been almost a year since I made a comment concerning his bad sexual life.
I stopped loving him a long time ago. I am only with him because he is really supportive. He doesn’t cheat but I know it’s because he doesn’t want to disgrace himself. He has money and is very comfortable. He provides me everything I need. I have acquired a lot in the past two years because of him. I loved him at first but dude can’t fuck the bitch out of me. He has no self-control too, he can invite me over for sex like thrice in a day. I find him very boring. I haven’t denied him sex before and the only reason is because he hasn’t denied me anything before.

I Have A Side Chick Who Comes To Finish My Man’s Bed Job.
I Have A Side Chick Who Comes To Finish My Man’s Bed Job.

The problem now is; I have had a side nigga who’s been doing the do for me to feel since February 2021. He is only twenty-four years of age but he has got the perfect knowledge and energy to handle my body. Any day my man and I have sex, I will invite him over to my place later in the evening to come and finish the lazy man’s work.

My man is making arrangements for us to marry but I am scared I may never be able to stop seeing this young man. I am twenty-eight years old and my man is thirty. I really wish to settle down. My man has promised to work on his quick ejaculation before or few months after marriage. I don’t believe him but, I wish to marry him. He has the money and patience I need in a man.

I Have A Side Chick Who Comes To Finish My Man’s Bed Job.
I Have A Side Chick Who Comes To Finish My Man’s Bed Job.

This young boy too has nothing, though intelligent and hardworking plus, I do the paying. I feel I should just dump him (my man) and find a replacement or probably start a business and have the young man impregnate me cuz I have the money, it’s not as if I don’t! I have saved a lot over the past two years. I can build myself an empire.
Please advise me. I don’t know which of the options is convenient but I really need someone to help me keep my focus. Thanks.

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