I Got My House-Help Pregnant And My Wife Wants Her Out Of The House.

I humbly need your opinion.
I got our house-help pregnant and my wife wants her out of the house. She actually doesn’t know I am responsible but she thinks a pregnant house-help may not be able to perform her duties well.

We hired her when my wife was six months pregnant because we realized that from that moment till after she delivers; she will not be able to go about her daily activities properly. My wife gave birth six months ago and the house-help has been living with us for nine months plus. I started having an affair with her a month after my wife delivered and it continued till my wife noticed she was pregnant a week ago.

As a matter of fact, even the girl didn’t know she was pregnant and so didn’t I. It felt weird when my wife said she looks pregnant and insisted she checks it and oh yeah, she is exactly six weeks pregnant.

Thing is, my wife doesn’t suspect me yet, because the girl is allowed to go home on Saturday evenings and return early on Mondays. She thinks her boyfriend might be responsible and I think so too but, I am 75percent certain it’s mine because she came in as a virgin and I broke her.

I Got My House-Help Pregnant And My Wife Wants Her Out Of The House.
I Got My House-Help Pregnant And My Wife Wants Her Out Of The House.

She is actually very young, twenty-one years. After pleading with her for hours, she agreed to tell my wife her boyfriend is responsible but unfortunately, my wife phoned her parents and they are very angry and disappointed in their daughter. Now the girl is scared to go home and my wife wants her to leave and I want her to stay so I can save her from all these stress.

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Anonymous Tales

She is young and innocent; she doesn’t deserve any of these.
She has been asked to bring her boyfriend but she can’t because she hasn’t even started dating the guy. According to her, they started dating not long ago and she doesn’t even know where the guy lives. I was thinking of hiring any random guy from town who’d come with her to own up and then I convince my wife so she stays with us and delivers then maybe I later confess to my wife but, I just don’t know how to handle the whole thing.

My marriage is barely a two years old. We welcomed our first baby six months ago and I don’t want to ruin the joy in the family at the moment. My wife is a very difficult woman, trust me! I don’t really know how to handle this situation but I don’t want the young girl struggling as well. She deserves better.

I don’t want my inability to control myself to be the reason she will end up in an unfavorable situation.
I don’t know you but I really want you to step in and guide me through this. Thanks please.

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