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‘I dey go buy Venza’ – TikTok Celebrity Screams After Breaking Piggy Bank.

A TikTok lady has broken her piggy bank after patiently saving money in it for many months. In the end, Innocentia disclosed she realised the sum of N291k, saying it will not be enough to buy the Toyota Venza she wanted to buy.

The TikTok lady identified as Innocentia Olisa broke the small rectangular box and counted multiple crumpled naira notes.
The TikToker named Innocentia Olisa said she started dropping money in the rectangular home bank in 2021.

In the short clip, she said her heart was pounding because many people have reported missing money in piggy banks in recent times.

However, hers was intact as she counted many crumpled naira notes in different denominations.
She said she was saving the money so as to be able to buy a Toyota Venza for herself.

But at the end of the day, she realised the sum of N291k from the savings which is a far cry from the price of a Venza.

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