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I Am Well Yet Barren But That Is Not Even the Problem.

This is my story and I want young girls to learn from it that it’s best to build with your man than to be greedy.
I have been married to my husband for ten years. We have no kids, doctors have proven both of us fertile hence we should be able to produce our own babies.
My husband is a very rich and noble man. I don’t want to mention his name but he is a popular man. I have all I need in life except for a child to call me mummy.

My husband has already made it when I met him. He is into imports and exports, owns three companies, schools, supermarkets and many more. He is very generous and loving.
When we got married, I never noticed the secret room in our house until five years later. It is a very big six bedrooms apartment. The secret room is behind a curtain in the washroom on the last floor. You’ll never notice there’s a door in the washroom untill you watch closely.

He told me he loves sex, especially when it’s crazy. If I promise to make him have it anyhow he wants or make him use my vagina to satisfy his pleasure anytime, I will always be happy and he won’t ever cheat on me. To be honest, he has never cheated on me. He is very faithful and transparent about his relationship with others. He is very proud of me and takes me anywhere he is going.
I have always had faith in us. I believed we will have our own kids one day. We have been to over ten different countries to see some of the greatest doctors and all of them have proved that, we will have kids.

I Am Well Yet Barren But That Is Not Even the Problem
I Am Well Yet Barren But That Is Not Even the Problem

But after ten years of childlessness despite everything, I started to think really deep of everything happening around me. My husband has never expressed much worry as I do. He consoles me and doesn’t seem bothered as I am. He keeps talking of us adopting kids anytime I raise the issue up. “We are fine, why do we have to adopt kids?” I lament.
One-day, it occured to me that he sucks my vagina whether or not I’m in my period. It has become a routine and because I already promised him anything, I don’t seem much worried about it. I confronted him of it’s health implications at the beginning of our marriage but he said he was okay with it and has the best doctors at his disposal so should not worry about it.

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Anonymous Tales

The question in my mind is ‘why does he always go upstairs when he is done and asks me to wait for him’?.
I did not do anything but decided to follow him the next day. I waited for him to go a bit further before following him. I saw him enter the washroom and got back. I smiled and said to myself, if you would have to rinse your mouth after doing it, why worry?
When he left for work that morning, I decided to take a tour around the house because I have never even spent a second in the washroom on the last floor. I noticed there wasn’t any spills of water or any sign of him touching anything in the washroom. I decided to lift the white curtain in the washroom and to my surprise, I saw a small door, it was the size of a window.

I Am Well Yet Barren But That Is Not Even the Problem
I Am Well Yet Barren But That Is Not Even the Problem

I left it and went downstairs but then, something kept asking me to go and see what it was really. Was it a window, a door or it’s just a wood?
Later in the afternoon, I decided to go and check it out again. I pushed it open and forced myself half way through it to see what’s inside there.
Oh Gosh! Nothing surprised me more than the live and crying pregnant woman who’s been tied up, the human parts, blood, bundles of money (all types of currencies) and idols in that room.
How did he even bring them in? Where was I when he brought them in? Why didn’t I ever hear any sounds?
It was sound proof, yeah, it was!.
I quickly untied the woman without touching anything and we went out of the room. I questioned her and she said she was kidnapped by some men on her way back from an evening service which was two days earlier.

I Am Well Yet Barren But That Is Not Even the Problem
I Am Well Yet Barren But That Is Not Even the Problem

I gave her the sum of Ghc 350,000.00 and asked her to find her way back home without telling anyone about this yet. I also gave her my card and asked her to call me later.
When my wicked ritualist of a husband, the monster and vampire I married returned that evening, I served dinner and we ate together as usual. We went to take our shower together after watching an episode of our favourite movie and went to bed. We fucked really well as if nothing happened. I was just waiting for him to find out by himself.
I could not sleep that evening, he woke up quietly at around 2:15am and went upstairs to the room thinking I was asleep. A few minutes later, he rushed downstairs sweating and shouting my name. I opened my eyes and asked him what it was that is scaring him that much. He asked if I went to the last floor today which I confidently denied.

I Am Well Yet Barren But That Is Not Even the Problem
I Am Well Yet Barren But That Is Not Even the Problem

He didn’t believe me though, I could tell from the look on his face. “Did you see any woman in this house today?”_he asked
Yes I did, I set her free. That was when I started to talk about it.
So you are the one behind our childlessness honey, you are a ritualist? All this is not real? You did not even work any hard to acquire all this wealth yet you keep parading yourself like a honourable man?
You are shameless, you should not be allowed to walk amidst humans. You are a monster, a scavenger, a blood sucker!
I hate you. I will make sure you rot in jail for this.

I Am Well Yet Barren But That Is Not Even the Problem
I Am Well Yet Barren But That Is Not Even the Problem

Immediately I attempted walking out, he rushed to stop me but I was already scared of him and didn’t want him coming closer. I had the feeling he might want to kill me to avoid being exposed. He grabbed me by the neck strangled me till I pretended to have passed out.
Yeah, my husband wanted to kill me to cover up for his demonic deeds.
He left my body there and went upstairs, I quickly woke up and forced my way out of the house. God being so good, a car was passing by, I stopped the driver and joined him without knowing who it was, where he was heading or what his face looked like. It was better to be killed by someone else than my so called husband.

The driver drove me to my friend’s house where I spent the night. I narrated all that happened to her. The next day, she and her husband accompanied me to the police station where I narrated everything to the police.
I then led the police to his house to have him arrested only to meet a new security guard and a new set of people in that mansion. In just a night the house has been sold and he has relocated to a new place. Till date, no one has been able to trace him. His companies and businesses have all been taken over by a new owner.
It is amazing how this man did it.

I Am Well Yet Barren But That Is Not Even the Problem
I Am Well Yet Barren But That Is Not Even the Problem

Let’s be Watchful of who we marry. Not all that glitters is gold.
I hope the police find him but for now, I’ve learnt and I’m seriously praying for deliverance.

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