“I Am sorry, I just found out” – Lady with HIV openly begs people she has slept with

A lady has cried out on social media after recently finding out that she is HIV positive.

Taking to TikTok, she shared a video showing the result and her next visit date for an appointment with the medics.

While lamenting that her world is falling apart by reason of her shocking discovery, the lady urged persons she had been inti*mate with to go for testing. Caption on her video read:

“If you know we’ve been in contact se*xually, get yourself checked out.

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“I just found out I am positive.”

Netizens tried to show her support with nice messages, urging her not to give up and that it is not the end of the world.

Social Media Reactions

“This is not something to joke about…this is an actual epidemic people are dying…nee mahn.”

user7833430585742 said:

“Just tell yourself it’s not the end of the world u can still achieve everything vu desired to have❤️❤️❤️❤️sending hugs and kisses.”

tshepycray said:

“Not the end of the world my dear.. I know almost 7 people living with it and it’s been over 20years now, so uu are good dear.”

alexnkakes said:

“It will be ok..falling down is an accident but staying down is a choice you make..we are together take care.”

thembisilemokoena said:

“No world of yours is falling. I’m glad u took that first step.Now take ur meds and necessary precautions, get counselling to help u through.u ll be ok.”

Lady with HIV apologises to men she has slept with

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a lady with HIV had made her status public and apologised to the men she slept with.

Identified as Harriet Akunava on Instagram, she shared a post revealing she has been knowingly infecting men with the virus. Apologizing to anyone whom she may have slept with, she advised them to go for testing.

Her post reads:

“It’s time I came clean. I was bitter for many months but I can’t do this anymore. I am HIV POSITIVE and have been infecting men. I’m sorry. Forgive me. Get tested if I have hanyad you.”

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