It All Started When My Husband Started An Affair With Our Maid

I have a help for over 5 years now. I enrolled her in school, necessities were covered by me and sent her salary to her mom every month as she requested. Now she is 25.

Her disrespect started when my husband started making passes at her. She told me and i cautioned him because I have good plans for this girl that has really been good to me and my kids. I didn’t want to send her away.

Along the line, she gradually fell and started dressing up whenever he’s around. I simply ignored because my kind of mindset is rare. I feel I don’t need to question what an adult does with his or her body. Yeah, I am selfish like that.

Right before my eyes they started dating. My husband knew I was aware likewise the girl and the lack of concern deeply concerned them.

Husband having an affair with maid
Husband having an affair with maid

I deliberately stopped cooking for all and told her to cook for my husband alone. He now refused to eat the food she cooked. I also told him to be paying her since I was the one paying before.

It seems he has been giving her false promises since then.

I did not sack her. Simply got a come and go nanny for my twins and ignored them totally. I don’t intend to report to anyone. I came back from work and relieved my nanny. She told me how my husband and the the girl fought. He injured her and she called her police cousin who came and arrested him.

The house is my husband’s house. I am not leaving except he tells me to. He does not maltreat me, just that he cheats.

He is still in police custody as I send this. It’s been 4 days now because they need a guarantor for his bail. The maid has gone. He called me to be the guarantor, I agreed but I forgot.. lol.

Husband having an affair with maid

I informed his people now. The maid is pressing charges, dear husband will be taken to court.

Should I be involved? Should I get him a lawyer and attend court proceedings as a caring wife? Because I really do not care what happens to him, I have tried to feel some sort of emotion towards him but it’s not coming.

I’m not hard hearted, I just find it easy to cut off people emotionally.

His brother has agreed to be a guarantor, by this weekend, he will be released and start going to court.

He has asked me to forgive him and show support and I should not let the maid win. I said what is my business? I don’t care who wins or lose.

So should I help him or let him take his chances alone? If he goes to jail or not, it’s not my business because I can hold my fort well.

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