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How The Entanglement With My Secretary Started.

My wife is six months pregnant but I am not happy, though this is our first baby after five years of trying. The doctor advised Pelvic rest during her first trimester till she delivers. I love sex, my wife knows that. I managed to abstain during the first two weeks then I started cheating with my secretary. Trust me, I never cheated on my wife. She is a very romantic woman and has never denied me sex. Even if not in the mood, she does everything possible to make sure I ejaculate. Just that, after she conceived she changed a lot. Even with the hand jobs, blowjobs and other things she does for me, she stopped. I couldn’t wait that long, I am sorry.

So my young secretary noticed I was worried one morning and managed to ask. I responded by asking if she will be able to help when I tell her my problem. “I haven’t heard so I can’t be sure but tell me, maybe I can”, she responded. I’m sex-starved, so can you help, I asked while caressing her shoulder. I noticed she was shy and reluctant but, she couldn’t resist me.
Since that day at my office, we have always had sex. We have it morning, afternoon and evening. I take her to different hotels just to satisfy myself. She is good, she really knows how to cheer me up. She has worked with me for three years, no doubt she knows me pretty well. I bought her a car recently because she didn’t have one. I had to increase her salary because I realized she was doing more than she was paid. I think I am beginning to love her.

How The Entanglement With My Secretary Started.

Of late, I have been feeling quite remorseful when I look at my wife. I feel like an ingrate because, she has been good to me. This is the time she needs me most, I know that. She looks tired more often but has refused to allow me get her a house help. The house is big and it’s just her and the security man when I’m absent. I think the best way to help her is to get a maid but she won’t let me. My wife is the only woman that has given me the most peace in this world. I know she feels I am even cheating but, has decided to overlook it.

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I asked her to resign from work so she can have time for our baby. I put her on my payroll though. She has been very obedient as a wife.
I know this will sound a little crazy to my wife and even you but, I want to take my secretary as a second wife. I want her in the house, she can even help with chores. My wife might never be as sweet as she was after delivering and I can’t continue hiding my relationship with my secretary. I have all it takes to marry as much as a thousand wives. I am just scared of betraying my wife and everyone else around me. My dad is wealthy but he had just one wife, my mom. They’ve lived happily, I am a witness to that. They didn’t face as much problems as I am facing now so it’s probably okay for me to marry a second wife.

How The Entanglement With My Secretary Started.
How The Entanglement With My Secretary Started.

I don’t know how to inform my wife and parents about this. I don’t know how to convince anyone to buy into this decision of mine. I am gradually getting depressed. I think of this almost all day. I barely sleep at night. I don’t want to hide it too. I am not a kid anymore. Besides, my secretary is ok with being a second wife, she has promised to be of great help to my wife and I. I am not rushing; I intend telling my wife about this after she delivers. I don’t want to add any more stress to the one she is already undergoing. I just feel scared somehow. Despite everything, I still love her deeply and don’t wanna hurt her.
Please advise me on how to go about it. I will be expecting your response, thank you.

How The Entanglement With My Secretary Started.
How The Entanglement With My Secretary Started.

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