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How Our Love Story Turned Sorrow.

Once upon a time, I reconnected with an old JHS mate, a girl. Let’s call her MARY in this write up. She didn’t complete school with us because they relocated to Kumasi along the line. For all those years she was away, my cousin who is of the same age as me was the one who was in touch with Mary and I knew he liked her. I didn’t even have her contact and never bothered to get it. We used to tease him with Mary sometimes.

Fast forward, I had admission at KNUST so I moved to Kumasi. I had spent about a year in Kumasi already when her matter occurred to me one day and I decided to link up with her. I called my cousin and asked for Mary’s contact which he sent me straight away. It took about 3 days before I finally dialed her number because I started having some cold feet reactions about calling her. So she answered and after senior man did the “oh it’s me…. don’t u remember…..” introductions and she finally recognised me, she was happy I called and she even said she came to my campus earlier that day to see a female friend. If I had called her earlier she would have passed by my hostel as well. I kept calling her from time to time to check up on her and it was all usually simple conversations.

I had broken up with my girlfriend back in my hometown due to infidelity on her side so I was a bachelor boy on Tech campus. I had almost chopped 0/4 as my first year on campus was about ending but I had not found any eve yet. So I kept widening my scope of hunting together with some of my friends (yeah, i like girls) and luckily I found one beautiful girl who fell for me. We had some good time together and did everything some but the relationship was short lived. Simply put we liked each other but she wasn’t very considerate on my pocket and demanded for head everytime I had to sleep with her. I really hated the idea of using my mouth and tongue on a girl’s “doodly doo”.

How Our Love Story Turned Sorrow.

All this while I was talking to Mary from time to time.

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Fast forward, I started talking and chatting with Mary on daily basis and we became very fond of each other so it was only natural for me to ask her out but there was a problem. I thought of my cousin who had always liked Mary, I kept deliberating on how he was going to feel or react if he gets to know I’m going out with Mary.

But how man go do, I ignored all the setbacks and shot my shot. I was scared as hell of chopping bounce but God being so good she accepted. Then I asked her about my cousin and her but she said she knows he likes her but he hasn’t made any moves so far and even if he does she won’t accept because she doesn’t like him in that way and I was said okay. Later I called my cousin to inform him of what’s going on I could tell he wasn’t happy but he said Ok.

According to Mary, she had a crush on me way back in school (JHS) and till date even before I got in touch with her, she always had me in mind and that was part of the reasons she liked my cousin as she got to ask about me from him sometimes. She also told me she had been in only one relationship and it didn’t last long enough for anything to happen between them. I did my calculations fast and realized she must be a virgin. Hallelujah. We had our first date at a popular pizza joint around Tech and from there we started seeing on regular basis.

How Our Love Story Turned Sorrow.
How Our Love Story Turned Sorrow.

Now I was in Level 200 and Mary and I had become inseparable. I loved her but she always proved she loved me even more. I never mentioned this, Mary was a slim girl, with appreciable height and nice curves. She was working at the time so she was better off monetary than I was. I did spoil her with surprises when I could but she was always showering me with nice things, food, clothes, money, etc.

Later, I managed to convince her into agreeing to further her education. She had different ideas then but she obliged and so she bought the KNUST forms and thankfully she was admitted as a regular student to study her desired course. I thought she would quit her job and focus 100% on the school but she decided to combine them both. Her house, workplace and campus were all close enough so she could manage small small. She could’ve stopped working and still be able to go to school because the family support was there. U see say she’s not the everyday kinda girl?

To cut the long story short, we are both successfully out of school now but Mary isn’t the slim girl anymore. She’s put on weight and from the look of things she would be adding more weight in the coming years if nothing is done. I’m not attracted to fat girls.

How Our Love Story Turned Sorrow.
How Our Love Story Turned Sorrow.

I had several conversations with Mary about it and I even suggested putting her in a gym session amongst other suggestions to help with the weight management because I really love this girl but she didn’t give in. She instead decided to change her diet to deal with it but it didn’t help and she kind of gave up so easily.

Anytime I brought up the issue of her weight, she turned out to be so defensive but I wanted her to do more than just give up on her body. How can a young beautiful girl decide to give up on her own looks? It led to petty petty fights every now and then so one time I decided not to reach out to her first after one of our petty fights. Days became weeks then almost a month and there was absolutely no communication between us. I thought she couldn’t handle the silence treatment for that long and she would hit me up eventually but I was lying to myself. Also a part of me felt the silence treatment would give her ample time to reflect on my seriousness on the matter and finally agree for us to work on it.

How Our Love Story Turned Sorrow.

Almost one month into the silence treatment, I sent her a text and she immediately responded as if she was already sliding in my DM. I decided to let peace reign so I apologized first and surprisingly she said she was better off and didn’t need the apologies. She then added that she’s seeing someone else now. I joked around it and laughed my lungs out. But she kept insisting that it was true but I didn’t believe her.

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