How My Sidechick Sold Me Out To My Girlfriend.

I don’t know where to even start from. Well yesterday I took my PS4 to my girlfriend’s house to have fifa tournament with his brother and a friend of mine. We played the game to midnight, so I had to sleep over, which I did. Earlier that day I have arranged a meeting with one girl early in the morning (which is today). I woke up today forgetting because I didn’t hear from this girl so I decided to spend more time with my woman.

I had a slight disagreement with my girlfriend then boom this girl call came through saying she is in front of my house so then I took my car key to go but my room key was with my girlfriend because she was changing the key holder for me.
She came back and told me she won’t let me go because mostly if we have misunderstanding, I leave to avoid more confusion but this time she said she won’t allow me leave. It was as if she knows am going to meet someone. So I cook up something saying I want to go and change my dress and come back again. She asked what guarantee I will be back so she decided I leave my phone because she knows I can’t go hours without my phone.

How My Sidechick Sold Me Out To My Girlfriend.
How My Sidechick Sold Me Out To My Girlfriend.

I even suggested to leave my car so I pick bolt but she said nope. I have to leave my phone but before that I have to call the other girl and tell her not to call but we had light out so I brought my phone to charge at a friend’s place.
Fast forward, I left my phone with her and left, but kept a little longer on my way so the other girl called and my woman picked up. The girl was ‘like I am still in front of your house waiting’. I got to my gate and saw the girl hanging the phone up. I asked if she called me and she asked who have I left my phone with. At this point, I knew I have lost the match and shouldn’t allow the lady into my room.

So I stayed outside questioning her because i know my woman will be coming. She has being feeling suspicious about this lady and I. Low and behold she came but luckily we were outside the house talking. Guys the mistake I did was leaving them alone to talk. This other girl spread the news to my girlfriend that we have been laying since the beginning of this year. Guys, i have been apologizing to my woman up till now and she’s not forgiving. We have come this far and planning on settling this year with everything being ready.

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Anonymous Tales
How My Sidechick Sold Me Out To My Girlfriend.

Any suggestions on what to do because I really love my woman. I just wanted to change inside small. Please no hash words. I am already hurt.

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