How My Girlfriend Faked 4 Pregnancies Down My Throat.

I’ve been in a relationship with this lady for almost a year and half now. In the course of our relationship, she told me when we met she didn’t love me but anytime she sees me, her heart beats and sometimes try to hide from me. So she discussed that with someone and the person advised her to give it time for her to develop the love for me.

She got pregnant four times in the course of the relationship which I believed and gave her money for antenatal care. I had to buy her some traditional medicines as well for the baby to be safe. I spent a lot on these pregnancies. But all of them ended with miscarriages. Recently I saw a guy sitting with her that resembles the ex. I asked her and she said he’s not the one and got angry and texted me that she doesn’t love me again and I should leave her alone and not call her again because she’s tired.

How My Girlfriend Faked 4 Pregnancies Down My Throat.

I didn’t reply nor call her. Four days later, a friend who introduced her to me came to me and was discussing what she’s doing which isn’t right. I have done everything a man can do for a woman but she doesn’t appreciate me. So the friend was annoyed and angry about the way she behaved towards me. The friend told me when he was there he noticed some changes in her and asked what’s the problem, she answered she hasn’t had her menstrual cycle for two months now.

So he asked whether she has told me and she said no. There nor she texted me a message thanking me for all I have done for her and said she is pregnant. So I asked whether this is the fifth pregnancy test and she replied no. It was there she confessed of faking the four pregnancies and apologized. She said she faked those four pregnancies to know the kind of man she’s living with.

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How My Girlfriend Faked 4 Pregnancies Down My Throat.
How My Girlfriend Faked 4 Pregnancies Down My Throat.

Can a woman who truly loves you put you into those tests? Now she said we’re no more and she is pregnant. Family can a lady give another man’s pregnancy to a different man? And two, can someone who didn’t love you from the beginning of the relationship, develop love for you in the course of the relationship? Her comments on the pregnancy issue is, a man can impregnate and another look after.

Advise me please.

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