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How My Boss Broke My Virginity In His Office And Got Me Addicted.

My boss and I have had an office affair for almost two years now. Somewhere January, I realized I was pregnant so I called to inform him. He asked to get back to me later in the day which he did and suggested I abort it. He is married with kids and far older than I am but I have come to love him so much. He is forty, I am just 22 years but that disappears the moment I see him. I think of him, his comfort and happiness even more than myself. I have been working for him since I completed high school three years ago. I had a boyfriend then but after four months of working with him, he managed to break my virginity while my actual guy tried severally but failed every time. I never gave my guy the chance. My boss is a smart man. He is extremely strict, focused and hardworking. He is also a sweet-talker because up until now, I don’t know how he managed to take my virginity and get me to fall in love with him.

How My Boss Broke My Virginity In His Office And Got Me Addicted.
How My Boss Broke My Virginity In His Office And Got Me Addicted.

I am still with the pregnancy. I don’t want to abort it. I know it is inappropriate to desire a married man but I love him. He hasn’t spoken to me in a while because of my decision to keep the baby. He said it’s a jeopardy to his marriage, home, job, dignity and integrity. He is so much interested in his reputation than that of mine. I will equally be accused by society of sleeping with my boss and trying to wreck his home. I don’t see why he is making a big deal out of this. All I want from him is to marry me. I am not interested in him coming to see my parents, Nope! I have asked him to get me a place outside the neighbourhood where I can live as his second family. He will come around to see me often, love and treat me same way he treats his wife and kids. I am ready to be his secret second wife but he is trying to reject the offer and is insisting I abort the baby.

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I discussed with a friend and she advised I see a spiritualist to help me get him to marry me. She said she knows a place at Kasoa where it can be done quickly. Though I want the man, I feel scared to do this. What if it doesn’t turn out well? I have watched movies where ladies go mad after such spells are broken. My friend said I will be given a padlock that I can lock him with and keep it somewhere. As long as it is locked, I have him all to myself. Sounds like a great idea to me but, I just wish my boss can develop natural affection for me the way he made me develop it for him. He is the only man that has seen my nakedness, the only person who has given me the sweetest feeling of all time. I love how he handles me. I miss him so much. He has refused to touch me ever since this pregnancy issue broke out. I know that right after I do the abortion, he will dump me. I don’t want that.

How My Boss Broke My Virginity In His Office And Got Me Addicted.
How My Boss Broke My Virginity In His Office And Got Me Addicted.

Advise me on what to do. Should I go ahead and do what my friend suggested, insist on keeping the baby to have him stick around forever (which I know he will because he wouldn’t ever want his family knowing about us) or I should just abort the baby and refuse to leave him? I am so confused. I need advice please.

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