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How I Slept With An Old Student Of Mine And The Consequences.

So back then in 2020 I was teaching. But somewhere along the line, I stopped because I had to relocate. One day I was there when a strange number texted me on WhatsApp. I later got to know it was one of the students I taught. We got talking and in a long run the girl proposed to me. She admitted that she felt something for me when I was teaching but didn’t know how to approach me on it. 

I brushed it off. I didn’t talk to her for sometime. Later she texted again and we started vhibing and she started saying how she can kill herself and things if i don’t side with her. So I later agreed to date her on a condition that there won’t be meeting, just chatting. So one day I was there when she wrote me that she’s in my area and wanted to see me. I gave her directions to my place. 

She came over and I didn’t touch her or anything. When she got home ; she texted that she’s disappointed in me because I didn’t touch her. She later came to tell me she wasn’t a virgin. So one day she came over again and one thing lead to the other and we made out. Later she traveled, over there she met someone else and they slept and she got pregnant. And she later came back. She never told me anything about meeting someone else. 

How I Impregnated An Old Student Of Mine And The Consequences.

So she came to my end. Wanting for us to make out again but I didn’t feel right about it. It was later she confessed that she’s pregnant but it wasn’t mine. After that I decided to cut her off. 

Her guardians later found out and saw her chats on her and phone. Doing so, they saw that I also slept with her and sent her back to the village. Over there she reached out to me again. I talk to her, advice her and stuffs. She aborted the pregnancy when she got there because the guy’s family didn’t want to accept it. 

Then one day I told her, we should cut all communication between us. Offlate I have been having some strange dreams. And recently her guardian called me to remind me of the issue. Saying that we need to meet and talk and stuffs. Now I’m confused if I should tell my family about it or keep it to myself and go and meet the woman and see how things goes. 

How I Impregnated An Old Student Of Mine And The Consequences.
How I Impregnated An Old Student Of Mine And The Consequences.

NB: the only people who know this issue are a few of my friends that I told them 2020 when the incident happened but no one in my family knows.

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