How I Moved My Relationship From ’frying pan to fire’

I have been dating a guy for six months. Last year , I broke up with him because he was a chronic womanizer . There’s no time that I spend with him that phone calls doesn’t pop up on his phone and it’s mostly women. I tried my best to endure because I loved him so much but I couldn’t hold myself knowing fully well that I am always hurt deeply.

I decided to quit the relationship but I can bet it wasn’t as easy as I thought knowing that I would have gone out of my sanity. During those period of heartbreak,I needed someone to talk to ,to ease away my pains.
Before we broke up, I was in contact with his business partner and reason was I heard from people that my ex was planning his engagement while we were still dating. I contacted him to know if it’s true.

How I Moved My Relationship From frying pan to fire

So I linked up with his business partner and told him everything that happened between me and my ex. He made me feel better when I couldn’t get myself and supported me financially when I had issues to settle at school. We became very close and I felt in love with him. He told me of how he has suffered in the hands of girls that he dated which almost made him almost go crazy but he told me he loved me.

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We became very close but at a point he started ignoring me. I didn’t know why each time I call him, he gives me one excuse or the other. I really felt bad, like I really couldn’t hold myself again because this time I never knew I could go through the same pains I passed through from my ex. I love him so much that all those while he was passing through difficulties. I was there for him, he always open up to tell me everything about him,his business and family but he started avoiding me.

How I Moved My Relationship From ’frying pan to fire’
How I Moved My Relationship From frying pan to fire

What pains me was the day he told me that he wasn’t dating me. I felt like i just entered another worst nightmare.
After months of deleting and blocking him. I still saved his number again because deep down I still love him. We chatted as normal friends and he still tell me everything about himself. I really feel bad , please I really need ur advise on what to do?

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