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How I Got Duped Unknowingly.

This happened to me like three months ago or let me say January this year. I went to see my girlfriend now my ex at korle bu from Kasoa. I mean i stay at Kasoa
Before leaving the house i lied to my girl that my XS MAX fell and the screen was broken so I wouldn’t bring it so no calls till i get there but i took my dads old itel phone.

So on my way back from her place i took Kasoa car and got down at the market then heading to take a taxi home. That is when a man approached me when I crossed the road to the other side. He was like he was looking for a certain man called Mr. Abu. He added that, the said man was kinda famous because he was a bicycle repairer. He later told me he was from tarkwa and he was coming to exchange some gold for money from the man called Mr. Abu and he promised to gift me something when i help him get to the man.

How I Got Duped Unknowingly.

Fast forward we met a man of all people and he strangely ask the man the same question and the man said he knew him so we should follow him.
There i had doubts about the man we met on the way but my guy was fully confident about him. We followed him to a school park. Then the man confirmed that this is the place from how they described to him. This all happened around 7pm.

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So when we got to the end of the park, the man showed us where Mr. Abu’s ghetto is pointing a certain house we all went and the Tarkwa guy said he was going in and he would be back.
After some minutes he came back and said they are doing the process so he wanted to gift me some piece of the gold and that with a phone camera or mecury from a money note the gold could become bigger.

He demonstrated to me that gold catches the hair and a whole lot. That whole time my laptop was in a rubberbag with me.
He said I should give him my phone so he wraps it with the gold directly to my camera and I believed him smh!.
He took my phone and told the other guy to get him a cardboard and a black rubber. It was dark so I couldn’t see how he wrapped the phone with the so called gold.
Then he took my bag and placed it inside for me.
He later told me I should give him my momo pin and that when am coming to change the gold for money they would use that to indicate me.

How I Got Duped Unknowingly.

I took my bag and laptop and finally i was heading home with goodies. Fast forward when i got home i had this feeling that the phone was missing so i bursted it out to my parents and laughed it off. The guy was like i shouldn’t open the bag till the next day morning so I complied. The next day i woke with a feeling again that the phone was missing.
I went to check the bag and untied rubber and boom it was a phone cover with tiles fixed in. I just went out and threw it away.

It didn’t really pain me because the phone was an old itel phone but my sim and they had access to my pin too.
I worked around the mall so i did a new sim like four days later to my surprise my money was intact but the pin was blocked.

How I Got Duped Unknowingly.
How I Got Duped Unknowingly.

For the final part, this Monday afternoon this man came my way again that he is from Tarkwa and that he was looking for school junction
I was lyk “heeeeerrrhh uuuu I know you” in twi
Then he runned away.

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