How I Found Out That I’m Not My Fathers Son.

I was raised to believe that my father hated me. Yes, that is the idea my mother planted into my head even though I lived under the same roof with both in UK. My parents used to fight a lot and I can say that 70% of those fights were centred around me. This was because my mother always got angry and confronted my father anytime he tried to punish me or scold me for doing something bad.

She did this only for me but not my other siblings because for them, my father could not punish. My mother would even threaten my father with a divorce and would sometimes cry saying that if she had her own money she would divorce my dad and take me along with her and leave my siblings with my dad. There were times she would pack her belongings together with mine to leave but my dad would come to apologise.

How I Found Out That I’m Not My Fathers Son.

I felt untouchable and got away with almost everything. I even turned to enjoy bullying and hurting my own brothers especially when my dad wasn’t at home. Whenever they had a misunderstanding, my mum would cry so loud and would be hitting the walls which usually resulted in the neighbours calling the police. Despite all these, my dad taught us a lot and made sure we lacked nothing. He even extended his care taking to that of my mum’s family in Ghana.

A few months ago, I had an arrangement to help a friend and his parents with their garden. I was 20 minutes late. When I got there I heard my friend’s parents talking about my parents. They didn’t notice my presence. His mum told my friend that she pities my dad and she is really sure that we are not my father’s biological children because my mum is a cheap cheating woman. I quickly turned back and returned home. It really hit me hard.

How I Found Out That I’m Not My Fathers Son.
How I Found Out That I’m Not My Fathers Son.

After a couple of weeks, I pretended to do a covid test for the whole family but rather took the samples to the lab for a DNA test. All of us matched with my mum but two of us failed to match with my dad. Meaning, 2 of my siblings are not my father’s biological kids. I confronted my mum but she insisted that the results were false. So I did a second test with a different laboratory and we had the same results yet my mum insisted that the results was false.

I did a third test with another laboratory which gave the same results. She is insisting that the third results is false as well. My brothers and father need to know the truth but I don’t know what to do. I feel exploited by my mum. Now, i understand why she wanted a divorce so badly. I can’t even look my dad in the face. I don’t even know what to do now.

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