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How I Ended Up In Dubai To Be Used By A German Shepherd.

My family travels to Dubai every 3rd of May to celebrate our parent’s wedding anniversary and the starting of our family. They met at a conference meeting in Dubai, they are probably going to see this, I’ve been wanting to get it out.

It’s about this news flying around about young girls sleeping with Dogs and getting shat on for money and i want to reiterate that, it’s not only girls and men do it too. I stay in Kumasi with my parents and I school in Kumasi also.

How I Ended Up In Dubai To Be Used By A German Shepherd.
How I Ended Up In Dubai To Be Used By A German Shepherd.

Last year October, I went to an after school party with my friends and that’s where I met this guy and we instantly became friends. He’s gay and how did we become friends? We played a spin the bottle game and when it landed on him, he was asked to spin the bottle and kiss whoever it lands on, it landed on me and we kissed.

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After the party, he asked for my contact and we got talking, he asked if I was gay and I told him no, I told him I had a girlfriend too, he asked me why I agreed to kiss him and I said, if girls can kiss girls without being tagged gay, why can’t we kiss too?

He invited me to a party in his house and he said he would teach me how to be gay and get paid for it, I mean who doesn’t want to get paid? He asked if I can follow him to Dubai for vacation and I told him I still live with my parents, he called me a small boy and dismissed me but a few weeks later and after giving it a rethink, I lied to my parents about going for a project in school and how I won’t be coming home in a month or two.

My parents packed foodstuff for me and gave me plenty money to last me for 3 months. I followed him to Dubai and he hooked me up with this rich man, who asked if I was gay. I told him no but I was gay-for-pay, that I’d do anything to make him happy, that’s what he told me to say, and no, I was not poor, my parents were and are still rich and that’s not the first time I’ve been to Dubai.

I only thought of it as an adventure but I f**ken regret it now. This man told me to strip, take a hot bath, and wait for him on the bed, he left the room and when he came back, he was with two German Shepard and two other men. He left to do something and the men were giggling and they called him Daddy. He came back some minutes after with a whip and pepper soaked inside water, he ordered me to lie flat on the bed and told the men to hold me down, I was beaten and the water was poured over the bruises.

How I Ended Up In Dubai To Be Used By A German Shepherd.
How I Ended Up In Dubai To Be Used By A German Shepherd.

Then this man slept with me and shat on me, through out I was tied until it was time to sleep with the Dogs, I was looking at the man with tears that I couldn’t do it anymore and all of a sudden he said he doesn’t understand English and that he has paid my boss.

I didn’t have a choice because he threatened to shoot me and make me watch how I am being fed to the Dogs, in the end, I was paid $300k and driven back to my hotel, I couldn’t look at the guy that brought me, I couldn’t return the money, I couldn’t sleep, I was in pain and I wanted to die.

I left him in Dubai and flew back to Ghana, this all happened in December, I still think about it but I am stinking rich with a stinking body and an almost “incurable” disease with both mind and body.

My parents don’t know what’s wrong with me and I can’t even tell them that I don’t want to follow them to Dubai for the vacation, they’ll know something is wrong, I really want to end my life but I don’t want my parents to suffer for what I did. Things are wild in Dubai, really wild.

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