How I Broke Up With My Girlfriend For My Tempting Tenant.

I’m a 26 year old guy renting a single room self contain. I moved in last year. The place is cool, but the toilet and bath is shared between two tenants. So I share my washroom with the lady on the next door. I don’t know if it is intentional. But this lady was tempting me like crazy.

I had a serious girl at that time and we were taking it steady. But this tenant girl was making it hard for me. She will cook and call me to come and eat. Then she will be wearing something very short and tight. Sometimes just brassier with no top. I tried very hard. Even to the point of telling her to cover herself small because I am a man. She asked me if I liked her and I told her she is beautiful and any man will easily fall but I am trying to be faithful with my girl.

How I Broke Up With My Girlfriend For My Tempting Tenant.

This kept happening for months. She will knock on the bathroom door when she knows I am bathing and tell me to hurry because she has to bath for work. When I finish and come outside, she will intentionally adjust her towel on her body so I see her nakedness for a few seconds. She did it the first time but I ignored her, but when she did it again, I couldn’t resist what I saw and I followed her into the bathroom and we did it.

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Since then I cannot resist her. I have broken up with my girlfriend because of her and everytime I dream, I see her coming to ride me in the dream and have sex with me. I tried to avoid her for some days and went to perch a friend somewhere else, but I woke up at dawn sweating and going back home to have sex with her. I didn’t believe in this superstitious things but now I think she has done something to me because i don’t seem to understand why can’t I stop dreaming about her?

How I Broke Up With My Girlfriend For My Tempting Tenant.
How I Broke Up With My Girlfriend For My Tempting Tenant.

I have been with women but the feeling with her is different. I’m not really the religious type. I don’t want to leave the place too because the rent is good and it is just a walking distance to where I work so no transport fare issue. What should I do?

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