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How I Became Addicted To M@sturbation.

Ok so I’ve been hearing that this particular act was addictive. But I asked myself why would one do such an awful and disgusting act until I tried. Tried and felt the pleasure of doing it and this.

Ok so it all started back in SHS when I saw this Angel on campus. Damn this babe was too fine. I’m actually a shy type. I don’t have the courage to approach a girl but I usually give vibes to my friends to toast girls. So I made a friend of mine who was somehow close to her approached and took her digits for me. Mind you, I’ve been crushing on her for about a month but never had the guts to approach her. So the time came when we were on vacation and I texted this babe on WhatsApp. She asked who I was and I introduced myself and she recognized me, only God knows how. So we kept on chatting and through the chat, she said she has been crushing on me of late and blah blah blah.

How I Became Addicted To M@sturbation.

I was overjoyed because I knew I would not stress myself over winning her heart. So we made endless calls from the start and our relationship was doing great. We came back to school and she got to know me well ( back at home, she said she has never seen me face to face but she crushed on me from a distance). Ok so this girl fell for me hands down, I don’t know the charm I used on her tho. She usually came to my class even tho lessons were going on back in hers’. After class, she’ll come again and we’ll chitchat till like 5pm and we’ll go back to our respective dorms.

So it got to a time we started doing things after class and it went worst. I’ll f!nger her and she’ll also rub my “cassava” till I come. This went on till we completed. The rest of the story is history. So just this year, to be precise in January, I started missing this girl and the things we used to do even tho we were still in touch buh we were in a distance relationship. I started watching p0rn videos and movies to calm my lust down. So on one of the days, I remember how she used to rub my “cassava” till I cum and decided to try it while watching p0rn. Lo and behold I released and my lust for s.ex came down.

How I Became Addicted To M@sturbation.

Later on that day, I sat back and thought of what I’ve done which was basically the m@sturbation thing I vowed never to do sometime ago. I then said to myself I would never repeat such an act and asked for forgiveness from God and I was cool. So after some days, this devilish lust came back into my system, I tried to battle it but it was too much for me to resist that I m@sturbated and I was free again. And ever since then, any time I feel for sex I m@sturbate and tell myself this is the last time I’m doing such a thing till today.

I’ve tried quitting this act but it’s like I’m tied up in it. For now, I can’t control myself. I can masturbate like 3-5 times a day which I know it’s a threat to my health but I can’t stop. I’m just 20 years of age and I’ve been m@sturbating for the past 6months. And since I completed SHS, thus just last year, nothing is going on right for me.
I know some of your readers on here m@sturbate and some were once in it but has found their way out.

How I Became Addicted To M@sturbation.
How I Became Addicted To M@sturbation.

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Anonymous Tales

Please if there’s any way of shunning this act please help me out. Please no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. I just asked for a way out not insults please . Help a brother man.
I’ll be in the comment section taking notes.

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