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How I Became A L.esbian And How Bad I Want To QUIT it.

I met a sister during my high school days at the boarding house. She took me as her school daughter and protected me from most of the harsh treatments at the boarding house. One Saturday night, we were supposed to go for an Entertainment show but there was lights out so we were all just hanging around at our dormitory.

This Sister called me to the perfects cubicle (She was a prefect) to have a meal with her. So I went and after the meal, we were both sitting on her bed and talking about all sorts of random stuffs. There were others in the room but her bed (down bed) was in a corner and she had a cloth covering the front side of the bed and her towel covering the back side. The other two sides of the bed were bounded by walls. As we kept talking, the distance between us kept closing up.

How I Became A Lesbian And How Bad I Want To QUIT it.
How I Became A L.esbian And How Bad I Want To QUIT it.

Then I noticed she was touching me in unusual ways, at first I thought she was playing with me but then she kept going and going. To be honest, I knew she was upto something at this point but I kind of enjoyed the feelings that came with the touch of her hands. She reached for my right bre.ast and put her mouth on it.

The moment she rolled her tongue on my nipple, I gave up everything for her. I didn’t know it felt that good. She kept sucking till someone started calling her name in the room. She stopped but I was already wet then and wanted more of what she just did to me. The room became more noisy as some people had brought their case there to be settled by the prefects. She asked me to go to my room because it didn’t seem like we were going to have some alone moment again.

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Anonymous Tale

So that was how it started and we kept doing it over and over again until she completed and left the school. Nobody ever caught us (well as far as I know). I’ve never seen her again ever since they completed but she called me a few times in the early months after and that was it.

How I Became A L.esbian And How Bad I Want To QUIT it.

Fast forward, I’m now a grown up lady. I have a boyfriend who is making plans to marry me but I also have a side girl who satisfies me se.xually. It’s not that I don’t love my guy or he doesn’t hit me well. He’s huge and good in bed. But I discovered a part of my se.xual fantasies which can only be satisfied when I play girl to girl. I’ve tried on several occasions to kill that part of me and just be a straight girl. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work. I fail every time. As far as I know, no one knows I do girls with the exception of the girls I’ve mingled with.

I really wish all these had not started in the first place. Because I have a dream of having a happy family with kids. Yet I know this part of me will definitely come crushing me at some point. Can’t go public about this issue (that will be suicidal for me). I felt this place is ideal for me to share my story and get help. I really want to stop and just be straight.

How I Became A L.esbian And How Bad I Want To QUIT it.

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