How I Almost Got Raped By My Roommate’s Boyfriend.

I needed a room urgently because i was in the central region and my school was in Madina. I got a lot of options but they were either beyond my range or too far from my school. I finally got a hostel in an area that was close and i had one roommate.

I mostly the quiet type but because i’d be sharing a room, i had to be social. She had a boyfriend outside the country but she also had one in the country who was at her workplace so some days she goes to spend the night at his end and sometimes too the guy will come to the hostel they’ll talk for a while before they leave.

One day, i came back from lectures very tired. I sat in my room and was eating my rice and watching a movie. I was so tired that, i didn’t my dress before eating. While eating, i heard a knock. My roomie wasn’t around so i presume it was her knocking. I asked who it was and my roomie’s boyfriend replied. I told him my roomie was not around but i didn’t get a response so i went to open the door.

How I Almost Got Raped By My Roommate’s Boyfriend.

When i did, he just came in and without a word, sat down. I assume she had told him she was coming back that’s why he’s there. I continued eating my food and then suddenly, this boy held my hand and put my food in his mouth. I was in shock and couldn’t understand what was going on. When i was done, i adjusted myself to watch my movie and that was when i saw him remove his shorts. I became frantic and asked him why he was removing his shorts and told him to put it on and get out. He apologized and put it back on.

I thought that would be the end of the whole thing. I should have sacked him from the room. When he sat down again, i continued my movie only for this guy to now move unto me on the bed. He literally just pushed me on the bed. My phone fell. I began to scream and can anyone guess what this guy did? This guy used a pillow to cover my nose and mouth whiles he was trying to remove my trousers and all this while i was struggling.

it was bad and it got worse when i couldn’t and was just hitting my leg on the bed just to let him know that couldn’t breath.That pillow stayed there for about 15 minutes. That day i thought i would die.

How I Almost Got Raped By My Roommate’s Boyfriend.

The guy eventually removed the and asked me if would scream again. I said no just for him to put the pillow away and right after he did, i began to scream again. This time, dude put four of his fingers into my mouth and down my throat. I couldn’t breath nor scream and all i could do was to struggle for him not successfully remove my trousers. As i am typing now, i could feel a certain taste in my mouth.

Dude was struggling hard to remove my trousers and all of a sudden i could a metallic taste in my mouth. I knew what it was and began to cry. His nails had scratched the walls of my throat due to my struggle and i was bleeding. The blood was all over my bedsheet. He couldn’t see it because it was dark in the room but i tasted it and knew. I could feel the blood. He tried to remove his hand from my mouth so he can quickly pull down the trousers and that was when I shouted blood. He run and put on the lights and saw the blood. All this while i had gotten up and was crying hysterically. I was shaking all over. Then my roommate and started asking what’s wrong with me and what happened.

She began to ask the guy what he did to me. The didn’t mind her. He just wore his shorts and left. I washed my mouth with water and tried to compose myself. I don’t really talk to my parent so i called someone i trusted to come over. I was crying while telling him the story of what had transpired. He asked if i feel safe that night or he should book a hotel for me. I told him the won’t come back. He asked me to pack out the following day.

How I Almost Got Raped By My Roommate’s Boyfriend.
How I Almost Got Raped By My Roommate’s Boyfriend.

I went back to sleep and started feeling at midnight.My throat was completely blocked. Couldn’t swallow my saliva. My head was throbbing. My roommate woke up and guess what, she was begging me not to report it or do anything about it. She kept begging me throughout the night and all i could do was cry. I was weak and didn’t have the strength. I ignored her and just asked for a painkiller.

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The next day, the wave of everything started to hit me. I fell sick, my whole body was shaking. Trauma settled in. I still haven’t reported it to the police because i know my roommate can easily switch up on me falsely. There was no penetration and there was no other witness.

What should i do?

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