How Do You Teach A Cheating Partner A Lesson?

So I’ve known this guy for almost 2yrs now and we began this relationship thing around March of last year. Everything’s been good until October . So in one of our chats we decided to know our compatibility since we planned on getting married. It turned out that both of us are carriers. It broke our hearts especially me been the female and having loved him so much. Amidst all odds ,we searched and there was a possibility of we having kids without the SS gene. But that will give us twins at an instance . It’s the IVF and GENETIC SCREENING. So for this to be performed we’ll have to travel abroad for it. Since money isn’t a problem and child bearing would be two yrs later after marriage we decided to stick close to each other . My love for him grew much stronger. We did most things together.

So at a point I started feeling something unusual about him . Was it my instincts or its my brains . This feeling was consistent and I couldn’t hold it anymore but to ask him if he really loves me, if he would ever cheat on me , if he’s cheating on me, and many others . He replied” I will be always faithful to you and not cheat “amongst other promises he made.

But this feeling became so persistent that I felt something was wrong. Now the number of times we talk decreased, he came up with excuses like I was working all day . He knows I’ll go to work the next day yet he’ll call me at 11 /12 am knowing very well I’m fast asleep.
I patiently waited maybe it’s my mind and waited for vacation. Little did I know he’s been sweet talking another lady ,busily flirting and wanting more than friendship with her, he even put marriage before her.

How Do You Teach A Cheating Partner A Lesson?
How Do You Teach A Cheating Partner A Lesson?

So back to the day I returned home . That night while we slept he had a call around 8-9pm . It was a female actually and the call was on a loud speaker. Note: he normally puts his calls on loud speaker .
And you should hear the way the lady spoke. ei! my man o and another lady is speaking so romantically with him, having realised I was half awake he walked outside . Ok I felt suspicious about it. I didn’t ask him anything about it.
That was on a Sunday night. I acted normal ,ate and watched some movies then drifted to bed again. At 3am I was awake and since I felt like it’s the right time for me to find answers, I went through his phone.

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Anonymous Tales

You should see me in the state of dilemma. Even with aircon on I felt hot and goose bumps all around my body, an unusual feeling in my belly. I was out of words . I thought my man was different. I didn’t know whether I should cry or not.
Can you imagine on 14th February, he asked the girl to be his Val when me his so called girlfriend who laid beside him didn’t even get a wish. Well on that particular day I did wish him though.
I didn’t add one part to it. I pranked him that I was pregnant. This act was to see his reaction to the news. He acted normal so I continued with my prank in hopes that when I return I’d break the news that it was prank to him .
Ladies and gentlemen my waking up at 3am on Monday itself was that I had cramps. My period flowed out immediately after reading the messages.

How Do You Teach A Cheating Partner A Lesson?

I was heartbroken to the core and didn’t know whether I should slap him on the bed or not or I should cry out loud but what worsened it was my cramps. I pull myself together wishing it’ll be 5am soon.
So is this how the guy would react knowing well I’m pregnant for him ? I asked myself.
I thanked God it was a prank afterall. Morning came and I asked for the pill I’ll use for aborting . He looked confused and that got me angry. That pill was prescribed by a doctor friend some time ago to terminate my pregnancy which was also a prank. For that I made him know but it was too late since he’s paid for it . Here I was searching for this pill. He went hiding it and we struggled but he hid it far from me . I went into my things pretended to take some drugs got to the washroom and later came out. I told him I am terminating it . So much talks but sha it’s my period.

How Do You Teach A Cheating Partner A Lesson?
How Do You Teach A Cheating Partner A Lesson?

After one week studying him shave and go out with the excuse of “I’m going to the bank” and he’ll return at 4/5pm. 5 hours at bank.
I never knew my man was such a pathological liar until all this happenings. I told him I knew what he was doing.

Could you believe he went seeing the girl? Well all things short I was with for one month, full of sorrows, tears and quarrels .To my face he calls her and they talk for 2/3hrs. In a day they’d talk like 7-8 times. Like I know every corner of the house, sometimes he doesn’t want me to know so he’ll be in the hall, or get to his car or stand outside. He even lies to the girl. i know all this because I went through his privacy without his notice. I know I shouldn’t have done that but I loved him such that I want to know what at all he’s discussing. I suggested we breakup while I still stayed there cos my place is far. I waited for the month to end before leaving.

Now, just when I was on my healing process, he came back saying it’s me he loves and not her. I’m like you told me point blank that you have feelings for her and that you don’t consider the flirting to be the cause of the breakup but the compatibility. Why then come back?
I still love him but it’s not the same way.
Should I consider him? I’ve pranked him again that I’m pregnant. I hate the fact that he’s replacing her with me. Why not another girl? He tells me he loves me though he has feelings for her but still can’t stop talking to her.

How Do You Teach A Cheating Partner A Lesson?
How Do You Teach A Cheating Partner A Lesson?

What is with guys and this act of cheating?
For now if I don’t speak to him I’m okay unlike before. I want to ruin theirs especially also just to show that girl who broke up with her guy in the US just to ruin my relationship with my Ghanaian guy a little lesson. She didn’t even ask him if he was dating.
What do you guys think? Should I pretend to love him and go back to spoil that connection because he believes I’m pregnant or I should wait till he gets so much attached to her and in a relationship with her then I go in.
He can’t resist me .

I know karma is there and revenge is the lord’s.

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