How Do You Get Over A Cheating Boyfriend?

I started dating this guy after school (shs), a friend of mine introduced me this guy during vacation. So when I went to school we started texting, I was very busy because we were about to write Wassce. He was always texting and calling me so I believe he was into me. He told me he loved me and would want us to date so I told him to wait after my exams.

So when I finished my exams he came to see me for the first time, he is in Kumasi but he came to see me in Obuasi so I was convinced and that night I accepted his proposal. My friends were even jealous and at the same time happy for me because no such guy exist. Taking car from your place to just see a girl you are not even dating is out of this world so I got really into him because of this.

How Do You Get Over A Cheating Boyfriend?

He was not answering my calls for some days, so I decided to call him for the last time and if he doesn’t answer then I won’t call him again.
Unfortunately he answered the call and apologized. He said he gave his phone to his friend to do something.
So I forgave him and then we continued the relationship.

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Anonymous Tales

Each time I feel like I’m forcing myself on him.
I saw him with a different girl in bed and so I saved the video but I didn’t ask him anything. I just showed the video to my friend who gave my number to him but she also said nothing.
I was celebrating my birthday he didn’t even bother to wish me. I was really hurt so I decided to end the relationship. He told me he would call me and he’s at work but he never called so I concluded that he even wanted a breakup.

How Do You Get Over A Cheating Boyfriend?
How Do You Get Over A Cheating Boyfriend?

After that I’ve not been myself, I can’t move on with my life.
I’ve been receiving a lot of proposals but I still want him and I don’t know what to do.
I even want to marry him. I always pray to God to change him and bring him back to me. I really can’t get over this guy. I don’t know what to do.

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