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How Do We Break A Blood Covenant As Les.bians?

I’m a les.bian. I was introduced to it in middle school by my then school mother. It was disgusting at first but after severally indulging in it, I eventually loved it. I also introduced it to my school daughter and so on. Completed middle school in 2008, I’m 34 years now and I can boldly say I’m a successful woman. I don’t have any plans of marrying or being with a man right now. It’s just that most of the people who are involved in this with me are married now, they haven’t stopped though but they do it behind their husbands.

How Do We Break A Blood Covenant As Les.bians?

I have two partners, we’ve been together for almost 8 years but one of them is married now because she couldn’t stand the pressure from her family. We had a covenant not to marry but to be together forever. She’s broken her part but is still insisting on being a part of us.
Well, we gave her our terms which are, either she divorces or kills the man. She said it’s too early for a divorce, that will get people talking. She is already pregnant so if its a baby her family needs, she can give them.

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If divorce is too early kill the man or something but she refused that too. We all know being with a man means being with someone who doesn’t understand you, they’ve never been a woman. Men are se.xually weak, they can’t satisfy any woman. Being with a man will only mean compromising your emotions anytime you have sex and so many other things. She knew this before she went ahead to marry, the lady in question is rich, successful and very famous so I wonder how family could give her an irresistible pressure.

How Do We Break A Blood Covenant As Lesbians?
How Do We Break A Blood Covenant As Les.bians?

We’ve refused to accept her back but we are all scared the covenant may have effect on us. It was a blood covenant, we’ve heard crazy stories of its effects. We want to know, will we have challenges going forward because we refused to take her back or we are safe? If there’s a way we can break it too, we’ll gladly take it. Thank you.

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