How Do I Heal From My Previous Heartbreak?

Met a guy when i was 16 while he was 17 we starting dating officially when i clocked 20 while he was 21. But it became a distance relationship. We dated for a year and four month before serving each other break fast last month. Earlier this year, I noticed a change in him.

He was not giving me attention, calling, returning my calls and late replies. Spoke to him about it but he didn’t change. I was tired and told him the relationship was one sided and he said we should go on a break that all i know how to do is to bombard him with message of him ignoring me. Some one that use to complain i wasn’t giving him attention said i was disturbing him the moment i started.

I begged, cried for days and we got back together yet nothing changed. This guy has never spent on me but i have and this started after the after the breakfast. I have never cheated on him despite the distance cause i feel like i owe him loyalty. He knows i don’t like it when he ask me about my personal life. Yet he went on to ask and i told him it is not yet time because I’ve got trust issues and i don’t want someone to use my past against me.

How Do I Heal From My Previous Heartbreak?

He flared up and said we should go on a break. I said okay because i was tired of begging and crying and he has seen it as my weakness. We didn’t talk for three days but we were viewing each others status. He posted something on his status which i thought he was referring to me. I insulted him too on my status and he came to my direct message that the post wasn’t for me and thanking me for the insult.

I felt bad and begged him with apologies. He said he was done. With days of begging we got back together and i asked myself why i begged him because he doesn’t even give me anything but rather he collects things from me. It started dawning on me that he was just using me for his selfish interest and i suggested we become friends and he said okay.

Where i need advice now is, i went offline on whatsapp for days i didn’t know he was stalking me. He texted asking why i was offline and that he’s missing me and wants us to video call. He said if we are not dating again that should not stop us from chatting. A week after, he said he needed money and i told him i wasn’t giving him. Whenever i post on whatsapp he will compliment me saying i’m looking fine and i should come and marry him. Asking me to come and pay for his groom price. He’s delaying my healing process.

How Do I Heal From My Previous Heartbreak?
How Do I Heal From My Previous Heartbreak?

I have deleted his number but i still see myself saving it again. How can i forget him? I just want to heal. Heartache has been dealing with me. How do i heal?

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