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“How Did He Fix the Lashes?” Make-up Artist Without Hands Shocks Fans with Incredible Makeover in Video (Watch)

A physically challenged make-up artist pulled massive views on Instagram after flaunting his talent.

Standing behind his kit of cosmetics and lashes, the young man without hands and legs did a perfect makeover on his face and viewers were surprised.

In the viral video, he revealed how he was able to make himself up perfectly without his hands. People found the video really inspiring.

“Wait how do you get the products open and set up on the table? genuinely asking btw.
@jenniferndubueze0 noted:

“I can’t even fix my false lashes. He does it better than me.”
@444micky_mouse444 commented:

“I have always wondered how they set up the camera. Not in a rude way just out of pure curiosity.”
@kellyfaulkner18 noted: “Omg how.

Is it so unfair he can do it better than me and am a woman with arms. Gorgeous.

Click HERE to watch Video

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