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  • Who Is Shanquella Robinson And What Is Known About Her Mysterious Death In Mexico?

    Shanquella Robinson mysteriously died while in Mexico. Some people are comparing the incident to what happened to Kenneka Jenkins in 2017.

    A family from Charlotte, North Carolina is seeking answers surrounding the mysterious death of their daughter, Shanquella Robinson.

    In a report from local news station WBTV, Bernard and Salamondra Robinson last saw their daughter on October 28, the day she and some of her friends left to Cabo, Mexico for a vacation. Fast forward to almost a month later, and the parents still have no idea of what really led to their 25-year-old daughters death.

    As the Robinson’s shared with WBTV, they were told by Shanquella’s friends that she died from alcohol poisoning after they got in touch with the parents that following Saturday after they arrived in Cabo.

  • Grammy Awards 2023: The Full List of Nominees

    Grammy Awards Nominations 2023: Artists, albums and songs competing for trophies at the 65th annual ceremony were announced on Tuesday.

    Beyoncé is the top nominee for the 65th annual Grammy Awards, with nine nods, all but one for her dance-heavy album “Renaissance.” (The other is for “Be Alive,” from the film “King Richard.”)

    She leads a group of contenders for the latest awards — to be held on Feb. 5 in Los Angeles — that also includes Kendrick Lamar, with eight nominations; Adele and Brandi Carlile, with seven apiece; and Harry Styles, Mary J. Blige, Future, DJ Khaled and the producer and songwriter The-Dream, with six each.

    With 88 career nods, Beyoncé is now tied with Jay-Z, her husband, for the most nominations received by any musician in the history of the awards. One closely watched contest this year will involve Beyoncé and Adele, who will face each other in the major categories, as they did in 2017, when Adele’s “25” beat Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” for album of the year.

  • 64-year-old grandma wears a bikini to flaunt her abs

    Heartbroken grandma, Lesley Maxwell put on a jaw-dropping display in one of her latest Instagram posts.

    The 64-year-old, who started her fitness journey in her 40s, often uses her platform to show off her muscular body and share her fitness tips.

    The personal trainer, from Melbourne, Australia, also sometimes poses with his fit granddaughter, Tia Christofi.g

    Now, in one of her latest uploads, Lesley has stripped down to a bikini to show off all her hard work.

    Her caption read, “I just finished washing my exterior windows. What do they look like?

  • Nick Cannon’s 12th Kid on the Way, Dismayed Netizens Drag Him Over 2nd Baby in 2 Weeks

    Nick Cannon is expecting yet another child just a week since after announcements of his 11th baby circulated. The American comedian has made quite a reputation for himself as he constantly has women pregnant and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

    Nick’s baby-making tradition always receives massive reactions from fans who try to make sense of his decisions. Nick Cannon is in the news again for being a father. The American media personality has announced he is expecting another baby, his 12th.

  • Bella Hadid Named the Most Beautiful Woman in the World According to Science

    Bella Hadid emerged as the most beautiful woman in the world after a study was conducted based on science. The results of the study hit the timeline after they were shared by an online peep and immediately gained attention.

    Netizens don’t get the hype Bella gets for her looks, and they mentioned female celebrities they think are prettier than her. Bella Hadid being named the most beautiful woman in the world has left peeps scratching their heads. According to science, Bella Hadid is the most beautiful woman in the world.

    The revelation was made by @SaycheeseDGTL, who shared a snap showing the analysis of Bella’s facial features.

    The unnamed scientists analysed every tiny bit of Bella’s face, including her eyebrows which ranked 97%, and her chin which almost got a 100% based on their criteria. However, L’officiel reported in July 2022 that renowned cosmetic surgeon Julian De Silva also named Bella the most beautiful woman in the world.

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    The post received thousands of likes and many comments from peeps. Many netizens couldn’t understand why Bella ranked higher. Peeps proceeded to name female celebrities they think have the most breathtaking faces. Many Tweeps mentioned Zendaya, Lupita Nyongo and others.

    @RichTheAdult said: “According to whose study?”
    @Shamarwright8 shared: “Face longer than a day at work before break time.”

    @Lashannaisrite posted: “Black women are beautiful. That’s all I know.”

    @Jis4Joker replied: “I’ve seen better in Walmart” @MGS_Gi0 commented: “In a world where ‘Lupita Nyong’o, Zendaya, Chloe Bailey’ just to name a few, didn’t exist, maybe.” @AmanVSharma reacted: “A face wash will be her worst enemy yet.”

    @BagendaAlvin also said: “No hate, but these scientists haven’t seen the women at Ugandan concerts.”

    @omekar3a also shared: “Most beautiful according to what? Standards that you and your mom have probably created over a family dinner?”
    @I_Am_Zackk added: “I may be wrong, but how come a black woman never gets this? Lol”.

  • “Secret Is Tequila”: Woman Celebrates Her 101 Birthday with Beer, Dancing

    At age 101, Mary Flip has concluded that the secret to a long life is the famed drink, tequila. The famed artist has been privileged to live through multiple wars, the Great Depression, and bore six kids.

    The hilarious old woman celebrated her birthday with her favourite beer, Guinness, and some dancing. A 101-year-old woman, Mary Flip, has declared the secret to her long life as the famous drink from Mexico, Tequila.

    ABC Live News reports that Flip has been privileged to live through multiple wars, the Great Depression, and bore six kids. The centurian is still very witty and humorous despite her age. “How do you feel, ma?” Mary Flip’s daughter asked on her birthday. “With my hand,” she replied, chuckling.

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    Born on November 2, 1921, Flip spent her childhood living in Illinois and lost her sister and mother very early in life. She was her family’s sole survivor at only 15 years old. Got married at 18 in Mexico. At 18, she moved to Mexico, got married, and became a rancher, living a quiet life.

    She later moved to Chicago when she got pregnant with her first child and switched careers again to become a legendary artist recognized by the Chicago School of Art. “I really like to draw. And I was able to figure out that things change even as you’re drawing them. So, I was able to develop and make them look real. It took time but I had nothing else to do except raise a bunch of kids,” Flip said.

    Flip celebrated her birthday with her favorite beer, Guinness, and some dancing. “Oh, I’ll get up on the table,” Flip said laughing.

  • American Airlines Crew Helps 21-Year-Old Woman Deliver Baby Boy Mid-Flight

    A 21-year-old American woman named Kendria Rhoden gave birth in an American Airline flight that took off in New York Kendria was travelling to the Dominican Republic after she was cleared by her doctors ahead of her due date.

    The beautiful baby boy born some 36,000 feet above has been named Skylen Kavon-Air Francis after his airborne arrival. A newborn baby boy was born 36,000 feet in the air after his mother went into labour mid-flight. Kendria was travelling to Dominican republic when she went into labour and gave birth mid-flight.

    The 21-year-old mother named Kendria Rhoden was travelling to the Dominican Republic when her water broke. Kendria’s water broke CBS News reports that the young woman was weeks ahead of her delivery date before she boarded the American Airlines flight from New York.

    Soon after the flight took off, the new mum started experiencing cramps which refused to stop. She soon announced to the members of her family who were around that her water had broken and she couldn’t hold the baby any longer. “These carried on and 34 minutes into the flight, my waters broke. The cabin crew were such a big help,” she recalled. Baby boy named Skylen.

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    According to her sister Kendalee, she did not believe it until Kendria stood up and the entire seat was drenched. It was at that point that the young woman was taken to the back of the plane for an emergency delivery. After about 20 minutes, an announcement was made that the aircraft had gotten a new passenger aboard, a beautiful baby boy named Skylen.

    I just remember everyone filming us when we were coming off the plane, and they were all saying congratulations to me,” the new mother said.

    Nationality of babies born mid-air

    Larry Madowo Discloses Flying Precision Air 2 Months Before Fatal Lake Victoria Crash: “It’s Well Respected” Although it is not standard practice, most airlines usually offer free travel for life to babies born on their aircraft.

    One question that oftentimes brings complications is the child’s nationality when they are born in the vessel above sea level. Some countries apply the law of jus sanguinis, which is Latin for “right of blood.”

    In other words, the baby takes the nationality of the parents even if he or she is born in another country’s airspace. Other countries like the US and Canada observe the law of jus soli, which means “right of the soil.”

    In other words, once a baby is born in their airspace or land, they are offered the country’s citizenship regardless of the parents’ nationalities.

  • Rapper, Kanye West Declares A No Alcohol and Intercourse For 30 Days

    Popular American rap artiste, Ye, also known as Kanye West has declared a 30-days cleansing for himself.

    In a tweet, the rapper revealed that he has declared a 30-days cleansing for himself that he will be abstaining from most of his addictions.

    He mentioned that for the next thirty days, he would not be uttering any word to anyone, and this means he will be going on a verbal fast for the next thirty days.

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    He further said that he will be abstaining from alcohol, sexual intercourse, watching of adult movies.

    However, his Twitter will still be active and he would be tweeting his usual sentiments as usual.

  • Offset Makes 1st Contact With Fans After Takeoff’s Shooting, Cancels Boston Performances

    Takeoff, who once performed with Offset in Migos, was shot and killed on Tuesday, November 1, at the age of 28. The rapper paid tribute to Takeoff by changing his Twitter profile picture, commonly known as avi and most were touched In the picture, Offset was holding his cheek as if in deep thought while Takeoff was beside him, laughing his heart out.

    US rapper Offset has paid tribute to his late Migos bandmate Takeoff in the wake of the hip-hop star’s tragic death. According to The Shade Room, the rapper changed his Twitter profile picture to one in which Takeoff looked as if he was lost in thought shortly after he was shot and killed in Houston at age 28.

    Offset did not share any additional comments on the death of Takeoff, who was his first cousin and with whom he performed in the band Migos alongside Quavo.

    According to TMZ, he is rumoured to have cancelled his shows in Boston. Cardi B, who’s married to Offset and shares two children, also addressed Takeoff’s death by retweeting a throwback interview clip of Migos speaking to Complex.

    In the video, the group members were asked about the best gift they’d ever received. “My best gift from my brothers is my brothers. None of us would be here without each other. We’ve held each other up through hard times, through good times. We’re with each other. We’re all we got. I don’t know nothing else,” said Offset in the clip.

    Takeoff agreed with Offset in the Complex interview before showing off a ring he received from his mother featuring a photo of them together from his infant years. “It’s always gonna stay with me… I ain’t gonna never take it off,” he said at the time.

    Though Offset (real name Kiari Kendrell Cephus), Takeoff and Quavo started Migos as a trio, the status of Offset’s relationship with Takeoff and Quavo at the time of Takeoff’s death remains unclear, as the two had moved forward as a musical duo without Offset in recent months.

  • Breaking: Migos rapper Takeoff reportedly dead after he was shot in Houston.(Photos)

    Takeoff, Quavo, and Cardi B’s husband Offset make up the group Migos and are blood relatives. But the group had a split up recently which led to Quavo and Takeoff forming a new group.

    It was intially reported that Quavo was also shot but that has been refuted as sources says he’s very fine.

    Many have taken to Twitter to mourn Takeoff, making him trend even in Ghana and beyond.

    It is alleged that he was shot over a dice game last night.

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