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His ‘Rod’ Can Divide The Ocean And I Want More Of It.

I came across your page last week and I need you to advise me on this.
I am currently pregnant for my husband’s childhood friend. We were actually seeing each other even before my husband and I got married last year. It all began when my husband (then fiancé) and I had an issue and he sent his friend to come say sorry to me on his behalf. I was so mad that, I didn’t want to see or hear from him so he gave my contact to his friend to call me on his behalf.

After the apology, his friend and I started chatting. As the days go by, our chats got more erotic. At a point, I realized it wasn’t right so I stopped responding to his texts. That was when he started calling me very frequently to check up on me and invite me for either lunch or dinner. I never agreed to seeing him anytime he asked but there was this day I had an issue with my boyfriend, not wanting to be alone, I agreed to have dinner with him. He took me to a fancy hotel outside town to prevent anyone from seeing us. We had a long chat, ate and drank pretty nice beverages. He suggested we stay out of town for the weekend since it was a Friday and the next day was a Saturday. I agreed on the condition that we stay in different rooms at the hotel, he agreed and we went ahead. Around 2am, he rang my phone. When I answered, he said he couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t sleep too so he asked to come over or I come over so we watch a movie and I did.

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His ‘Rod’ Can Divide The Ocean And I Want More Of It.
His ‘Rod’ Can Divide The Ocean And I Want More Of It.

We got intimate that night, he was really good in bed. I loved his body. The way he took his time to caress my feet and shoulders, licked and fingered me, sucked my breast and kissed my lips made me yearn so much for his rod. When he finally came closer for me to grab his manhood, damn! He was a man. It was thick, hard and long. It was probably the best rod I have ever touched my whole life. He made me enjoy the sex, I thought I will regret it but I never did. I always crave for him when I am horny. I think of him when making love with my husband. He is always on my mind, that’s how come I am carrying his baby and my husband thinks it’s his.

My husband is richer and more caring than he is. I love his dick and love my husband for who he is but I am so confused right now.
The problem is; my husband is a doctor and he will surely do a DNA test on the child sooner or later after delivery because he mentioned once that, most fathers are taking care of kids that are not theirs and he will not make such a mistake.
My husband’s friend and I are still together. He has asked that we travel out to stay somewhere and get married so we can both live together and have our baby. I am just scared I may be making a mistake because this guy is a cheat. He is nothing like my husband but, has promised to make sure I live the happiest life. His ‘Rod’ Can Divide The Ocean And I Want More Of It.

His ‘Rod’ Can Divide The Ocean And I Want More Of It.
His ‘Rod’ Can Divide The Ocean And I Want More Of It.

He has started changing some things about him to suit my interest so I am considering his suggestion.
The pregnancy is only six weeks old. I am planning on aborting it and faking miscarriage so I start all over with my husband or move in with his friend and start a new family. I will be disappointing my husband, my family and everyone else that looks up to me if I do this but a part of me wants that good rod forever.
What should I do please, advise me before I take a decision I will regret forever. I will be reading comments.Thank you.

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