Her Mother Is Mounting Pressure On Her To Marry A Rich Guy.

This girl I have been with for almost 6 years . The relationship started when she was outside Ghana and I was a student by then now and I’m done with school. We were cool till she came to Ghana and started working at a company. She got to met this dude and at the start of their vibe the guy opted for sex which she declined and even showed me the chat. I told her to limit their vibe if she respects me (I can’t tell her stopped talking to him because she got to have a social life).

After school no job till date so I’m just hustling day in and day out just to earn something.
So recently she came over and she was confused because I know my girl and I know when things ain’t going right with her. She voiced out that her mom wants her to marry the dude because he is really successful and note my girl is turning 26 this year. The mom is mounting this pressure on her to get to know this guy more and her sister was in a relationship for almost 8yrs and the guy left her so now she(sister) is all about the money ,she goes where the money is . She(her sister) got to know the guy who was bothering my girl and told him all there is to know about me and my girl.

Her Mother Is Mounting Pressure On Her To Marry A Rich Guy.

But this my girl claims she still loves me and is ready for me till I got the information from (my friend who lives at their area. My girl has no idea I have a male friend who recently moved to their location)that a guy normally drops her home and I don’t know about this. Remember she told me the guy dropped her home once but never entered the house and this my friend said the guy is always dropping her and entering the house.

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So I explained what’s going on to my friend and he said I should move to her mom and tell her I’m really interested in their daughter (but they know I’m with their daughter since she told them several times) and if they are to tell me no or yes, then I know my stand .
Note: money is not a problem in our relationship
What should I do guys?

Her Mother Is Mounting Pressure On Her To Marry A Rich Guy.
Her Mother Is Mounting Pressure On Her To Marry A Rich Guy.

The 6 years relationship here is about to go down to the grounds.
Money is not a problem because I know how to use the internet so if it was to be money naa it’s not. It’s about the mom not knowing what I do and she wants a man with a real job .
So if I say money is not a problem understand me.

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