Help Me Apologize To Someone I Didn’t Wrong.

I’m a very young man in my early twenties,an allied health personnel.
The issue is, I’m staying in a compound house and in this house, there is a young lady. I’m not the open type so I didn’t want to associate myself with her until she reached out to me in a jovial way.

We’ve been relating as co-tenants relate. Just last two days she had a playful conversation with one other tenant but the chat was as that of someone’s private life. “The young lady was saying the other tenant’s husband isn’t playing his role as a real husband and also abusing the lady”. All these while, I was in my room because I didn’t want to get involved; i.e the young lady talks and brag too much.

Help Me Apologize To Someone I Didn’t Wrong.
Help Me Apologize To Someone I Didn’t Wrong.

After they were done with their conversation,I came out to sit on a veranda where I normally sit in the evening. This young lady came to sit close to me on the same veranda complaining of what has just occurred that is; their conversation. She talked and talked saying all manner things about the other tenant. The other tenant came out of her room only for the lady sitting close to me to refer to as “apakye” /physically challenged. Ahh! how can you call someone apakye when he/she is not and even to talk of the one who truly is,not in her absence but to her face? I made her apologize but she never compromised. Things went on because after all I’m only staying there for a short period.

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Anonymous Tales.

It was this morning that one woman also staying in the house called me, asking me what happened sake of the lady went inside to cry all because the young lady capitalized on her challenge to make her feel inferior. I felt the pain because I saw it coming. Now the woman is admonition me to be careful with the young lady and any other related conversations.
I’m down at this moment for the reason being that I might be called to subjection and all will be pointing fingers at me because I was there when it happened. ”nka barima deɛ mmaa asɛm fa me ho bɛn”?

Help Me Apologize To Someone I Didn’t Wrong.
Help Me Apologize To Someone I Didn’t Wrong.

Comrades kindly help me out…
I’ve decided to apologise to the lady so I can clear myself.
Will be reading comments.

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