He Wants A Second Wife And I Want A Divorce.

It’s been just six months after we got married and my husband already wants to bring in a second wife. He is 28years of age and I am 34. He knew the age difference even before we started dating. I was worried about it but he always said age was just a number. We dated for a year and married in the second, October last year. We are just in the sixth month of marriage and this guy is demanding to bring a second wife into my house.

His reason is that he doesn’t find me attractive anymore. I am just two months pregnant and this is what he wants to do to me? I don’t really want to boast but, this is someone I have financed since 2019. He was unemployed when we met. He speaks fluent English and sounds intelligent though he only completed secondary school. He used to teach in a private school but resigned to start a business when he unfortunately lost his capital to criminals, according to him.

I decided to establish him because I saw him to be a good man. I placed him on a Ghc2500.00 payroll after he accepted to supervise a few of my businesses. I owe four super markets, three cold stores and three unisex boutiques. I am a lawyer so I often do not have time to be checking on all of this. I knew I would have earned more than I do from these businesses if I had the time to supervise.

He Wants A Second Wife And I Want A Divorce.
He Wants A Second Wife And I Want A Divorce.

I gave him a car and a two bedroom flat to live in. I saw improvement in my business. He was handling things well. The employees were all doing great. I was happy because I haven’t met a guy as serious as him. I decided not to interfere in the business that much because he was my man and it wasn’t as if he was mismanaging it.

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Anonymous Tales

When he proposed the idea of a second wife recently, I wasn’t happy with it so I threatened him with divorce. I told him the only way I will allow that is when we are divorced and he said okay. I again said, if we get divorced, I am claiming everything I have offered him from him.

He asked me back that do I know how many businesses he owns plus, do I think if I take away my businesses he will be poor?
It seems he has forgotten I am a lawyer. I don’t want to harm him because I love him but from all indications, this guy has really used my money to establish himself. I can drag him down the mud. I can make him lose everything he has. I will empty his account, claim his businesses and even his clothes. He is not too educated plus, he talks anyhow so since this second wife argument started, I have been recording all our arguments. I provoke him to things that I can use against him in court. I just pity him.

He Wants A Second Wife And I Want A Divorce.
He Wants A Second Wife And I Want A Divorce.

When it comes to relationships, I have had lots of ups and downs. A lot of guys have failed me. When I met this young man, he wasn’t even my kind of person but I loved him with all my heart. I introduced him to the best part of life. I took him places and made sure I instil the kind of confidence I want in my man in him. He used to worship me like a god. I even had to teach him to take me as I am because I was his girlfriend and I respect him.

It is obvious he wants to take me for granted and I don’t want it. I won’t allow any man to jeopardize with my emotions again.
I want your advice on this before I take any legal actions against him. What can I do to change his mind? I don’t even look older than him. He even looks older than I am so he telling me I look grown is a lie. I know it’s something more than that.

I am just two months pregnant and this is what he wants to do to me?
He Wants A Second Wife And I Want A Divorce.

Should he accept to divorce, I will leave him with nothing but for now, I want your advice on how to change his mind! I don’t really wish to be a single mother and I love him as well. Thank you!!
Note that, I treat him right and I do all my duties as a woman. Despite our worth, there is no maid. Everything is in order at home, trust me. We have all it takes to be happy as well.

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