He Wants A Break-Up Because…

I have been dating this guy for the past 6 months, just last week he called to tell me he wants us to break up.
The first reason being that my mum didn’t accept him wholeheartedly when I took him to meet her since he has dreadlocks but when he took me to meet his mum, she accepted me very well and was very happy seeing me.

My mum told him before he meets my dad for the necessary introductions, he has to take off his dreadlocks but I know my mum likes him soo much but it’s only the dreadlocks she’s not happy with.
My boyfriend is a very cool guy, down to earth, in as much as he has the dreadlocks, he doesn’t smoke or drink. It’s just his brand and the kinna work he does that is why he has the dreadlocks on.

The second reason being that he’s not financially stable and doesn’t have a job doing now, he thought he could get employed this year because he had promises from several people in the media industry to get him a contract. His plans was for us to get married this year, he says he doesn’t want to feel pressured and also feels bad he can’t support me or help me in any way.
I’m working so I told him I could still support myself and also the little support I could give him, I will till he settles on something.

He Wants A Break-Up Because…
He Wants A Break-Up Because…

The third reason being that, the way I dress and carry myself. Due to his profession and the brand he has created , he wants me to portray myself in a certain way. He asked me to lose weight which I did but my mum keeps complaining about how bad I look since I lost some weight and also with my new way of dressing.

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My boyfriend feels my family is not ready to accept his personality because he is not ready to take off his dreadlocks since he has already created a brand with that and also because of the nature of his work but initially when he came to meet my mum he assured us he was going to take if off but he’s now saying he doesn’t want to lose the brand he has created.

He also feels I’m not ready to accept the kinna change he wants in my life and also because of his financial status and employment status.
I had wanted to go on this rough journey with him, Pray and hope for the best for the two of us. He says he doesn’t want to waste my time and also lose any kinna opportunity that comes my way because of him. I’m also schooling so he says he doesn’t want me to go through any kinna stress so I should focus on my books and work and if it’s God’s will for us to be together someday then it will surely come to pass at the appointed and right time.

He Wants A Break-Up Because…
He Wants A Break-Up Because…

I was overwhelmed by his decisions to break up with me, I couldn’t think right and was feeling all manner of hurtful emotions. I’m just trying to keep it together right now, I didn’t see this coming and if I’m being honest, it really hurts but I can’t make him do anything he doesn’t want to do but since this is a decision he has thought over and executed it, I’ll respect and accept it as difficult as it is.

I thought we were happy together and that we complemented each other. That our relationship would advance year after year.
It hurts me to learn all the hopes I had of the relationship will never materialize.
I still love and care about him a lot and it saddens my heart to see him go. I will forever miss him.

He Wants A Break-Up Because…
He Wants A Break-Up Because…

This is the 4th relationship which didn’t end well for me, now I’m scared to even be in any other relationship. I even feel like giving up in this life because I don’t get the love I give out or it’s just that I don’t deserve to be loved by any man.
I will be reading comments to know how to handle this situation, I’m really going through a tough time.
Thank you.

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