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He Says It’s Either I Abort The Pregnancy Or Its Over.

I’m a lady who is 24 years of age. I was in a relationship with my guy until sometime ago I wasn’t feeling well. I decided to visit the hospital which came out that I’m 3 months pregnant. So I visited my guy at his place and told him about it which he was like, he isn’t ready. He isn’t financially stable and also planing his life so I need to abort the pregnancy. I said No to him.

I can’t abort a 3 months pregnancy and even risk my life to that extent. So I left his place thinking that as times goes on, he will attain to his responsibility and we both help in the situation. But anytime he calls or I called him, we end up fighting because he still insist I abort that pregnancy which I always tell him I can’t!. So after some months, I wasn’t hearing from him and decided to text him in a painful manner which made him call me.

He Says It’s Either I Abort The Pregnancy Or Its Over.
He Says It’s Either I Abort The Pregnancy Or Its Over.

I asked him to support me in hospital going and also feeding aspect and he was like I would hear from him. After a month again I wasn’t hearing from him. So that made me text him even raining curses on him and he called again so I was like what wrong did I do to him? Why is he treating me this way? No support, nothing! And he was like that’s why he told me he wasn’t ready. This even ended in heated argument between us which involved my sister in it to talk to him maturely and calmly.

Saying now the issue has happened so even if it’s a little support he will support me, he should do. One and two of relatives has talked to him but still he hasn’t shown any support. I do everything by Grace and myself. When I call him, it doesn’t go through. Information i’m picking is, he is already flying out of this country which I’m not even part of his dream.

He Says It’s Either I Abort The Pregnancy Or Its Over.

I feels pains, broken and very depressed. Sometimes alot of thoughts comes into my head which makes to do something which might not been okay. Please kindly help me with advice and words of encouragement and please I need help too.
I couldn’t abort this child because I can’t kill and even risk my life at that stage of the pregnancy.

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