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He Says He Want It Dirty But I Am Tired Already.

I don’t know what’s wrong with my husband. Before we got married last year, we never had sex. He is an active Christian, a youth pastor and the church treasurer. We dated for a period of nine months and married in the tenth. The whole time, he insisted that we preserve our bodies for the Lord so that after marriage, we can enjoy ourselves without guilt. I used to think his manhood wasn’t functioning so at a point he invited me over, romanced me for about 3minutes and made me hold it. Damn!! It was really huge and long. I knew I had met the right man.

I was so proud of him because, I had this feeling that if he is that huge but has so much self-control, then I am going to be the lady to enjoy that log alone. It brought me the most relief.
Fast forward, we married in June last year (2021). We did nothing on our wedding night because we both were very tired. After thanksgiving service, the following day which was Sunday, we went back to our hotel. I tried to go and take my shower immediately we got back but he asked that we have sex before because he wants it dirty.

He Says He Want It Dirty But I Am Tired Already.
He Says He Want It Dirty But I Am Tired Already.

That ‘I want it dirty’ statement continued almost every day till now. There has never been a time he touches me when I have taken my bath. I haven’t shaved since we got married, my place is a jungle now because he said I shouldn’t shave. He reminds me every morning before leaving for work not to shave. He always wants us to have sex when we are back from the gym, I am back from work or in my period.

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Anonymous Tales.

Worst part is, he licks almost every part of my body. I find it disgusting, I haven’t enjoyed sex since I got married because of this. If I insist to only allow him when I have bathed, then we will go weeks or months without sex. I doubt if this is normal.

He Says He Want It Dirty But I Am Tired Already.
He Says He Want It Dirty But I Am Tired Already.

I have treated yeast/bacteria infections more than four times since we got married. He doesn’t even care if I am having an infection, he still licks it clean before he penetrates. The hair around the place even makes it painful sometimes. Am I the only person facing this challenge or there are other women going through same and what do I do?

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