“He Said Know Your Boundries”: 2-Month-Old Baby Dodges Dad’s Kiss Several Times, Video Makes Peeps Cackle

A mother has shared a video showing the moment her baby tried avoiding his father’s kiss to his head. The baby made some sounds to show he does not want such affection as his parents kept laughing.

Many people on TikTok found the video very hilarious as some wondered what must have been going through his mind. A mother, @theelaceceo, has shared a funny video of her two-month-old son dodging his father’s mouth from kissing him.

In the clip, the kid took his head away many times just in time to avoid the father’s lips from touching his body. He repeated the action a few times to show he knew what he was doing. The baby kept putting his head away to show his dad he is displeased. As that was going on, the mother who was in the background could not stop laughing. The man also found the baby’s act quite funny.

When the dad was able to kiss his head, the baby made a sound showing his displeasure. He dodged his mouth again when he tried reaching for him.

Watch the video HERE

As at the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 10,000 comments with more than 400,000 likes. Anonymous Tales compiled some of the reactions below:

Jt. said: “He literally said no.”

JasmineChanice said: “He said stop nd wiping the kisses off.”

E said: “These new babies are too funny.”

Rocki jonez said: “He knows what daddy be doing.”

Taylor Lauren said: “He said BOUNDARIES!” azzurashyann asked: “He’s literally responding to y’all LMAOOO, where y’all get him from?” The mother replied: “He came out of me but I think they swapped him out bc He gotta be from Amazon.”
Jozelle Renia said: “My boys going to be a boxer with them moves.”

Amani Chanel said: “Wow these kids are so advanced it’s scary.”

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