He Said He’s Not Ready To Be A Father Nor Husband.

The thing is that ,I used to have a serious relationship till it ended around 2018. It really hurt so much that I find it hard to move on. I couldn’t bring myself to trust or love another man since then. I’ve been focusing my energy on working until around last year, I decided to give a man who has been on my neck for years a chance. We started dating but I find it hard to trust him. I always got scared thinking he’ll also leave me and it eventually happened that he left me because I read his message with another lady.

He was really mad at me saying why am I checking his phone, that any lady that’ll make a good wife will not check his phone. So after breaking up with me last year, i met another guy and we started dating this year. I tried to learn from my past mistake and did not check his phone no matter what. Now the problem is that ,I got pregnant for him and he forced me to abort it, giving me reasons that he is not ready to be a father or married till he have his own house and car.

But after the abortion he changed a little bit. I did not take it really serious, until we had an unprotected s*x. Again, I started having symptoms of pregnancy. I told him I was pregnant even when I’ve not confirm it and the same thing repeated itself. He insisted I just abort it telling me why do I always give him sad news. He reduced calling me or chatting with me. Infact, he said i should be the one to sort the abortion because he has no dime to pay.

He Said He’s Not Ready To Be A Father Nor Husband.

Later I found out I wasn’t pregnant. I was really happy when I find out so I planned to tell him and also to pay him a surprise visit because he stays at Lagos and I stays in ibadan. He has always been the one who visit me and I don’t know where he stays in Lagos. So when I got to Lagos, I called and told him I’m in Lagos and that he should guide me on how to reach his location but he fired up. Telling me I should go back to ibadan that he didn’t have time to see me.

I was hurt that I even have to lie that I did not have any money left with me. He told he doesn’t care and that I should just go back home. A week after he called me and I told him I wasn’t pregnant the second time and that I only thought I was pregnant till I carry out the test and it proved negative.

He Said He’s Not Ready To Be A Father Nor Husband.
He Said He’s Not Ready To Be A Father Nor Husband.

He apologized that he’s sorry and since then he has been acting as sweet as he used to be. Begging me that he’s sorry so we should meet and sort things out. He even sent me money even tho I didn’t ask for it. He’s been begging me to forgive him. He want us continue the way we were and now I’m totally confused and scared. I don’t know what to do anymore and I really need advice.

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