“He Left Me Because I Was Too Slim”: Lady Shares Her Story Of Her Ex Who Left Her Because She Was Slim

A young lady has taken to the video-streaming social media platform, TikTok to share her story of how her ex-boyfriend left her.

According to her, the young man whom she was in love with at that time said, she was too slim for his liking and then decided to end their beautiful relationship.

She went on to share new photos of how she looks now in an attempt to send a message to her ex-boyfriend that, she is no slimmer and looks more beautiful now.

Sonia did not disclose the identity of her ex-lover while sharing her story on TikTok.

Watch The Video HERE

The video of her story has gotten over a million views on TikTok with many people reacting to her comments.

Many people think that she is still slim but looks more beautiful than before.

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