He Forced Me And He’s Now Paying For His Sins Weekly.

I lost my Dad in 2020 (just before the lockdown) and instead of going back to the village to live with my mother and grandparents, the church offered to help me out. My dad was living here in Accra so after JHS, he asked me to choose a school in Accra so I can come and live with him and attend.

I joined Christ Apostolic Church International here and made sure I actively involve myself in all their doings the moment I arrived from Wa. When my Dad died, I was in SHS 3 and was about writing WASSCE. I didn’t know how to cope so I wanted to go back to the village but our pastor asked me to come and live with them and finish my school.
I was happy, their place was bigger, nice and his wife and kids were all nice to me.

Though I was more like a house help to them, I knew it was the only price I had to pay for them accommodating and taking care of my educational needs. I moved to live with them on March 2, 2020 and by June same year, my pastor started harassing me sexually. I wasn’t going to school because of the lockdown. I kept resisting him till almost July ending, he one day told me that I would have to find some money and leave the house to the village where I had wanted to go.

He Forced Me And He’s Now Paying For His Sins Weekly.
He Forced Me And He’s Now Paying For His Sins Weekly.

I was thinking but couldn’t tell his wife when she asked me. I was twenty-one years old and a virgin and my pastor is a tall man so I was scared. When he tried again on July 27, 2020, I allowed him. it was really painful and there was blood all over. He said he didn’t know I was a virgin and that he was sorry. He promised it won’t happen again and I believed him thinking he was really sorry when he saw I was a virgin.

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After about a week, he came again and again and again until I completed high school. I cry almost every night. It was always painful and he never even takes his time.
I wanted to leave immediately I wrote my WASSCE but the wife wouldn’t let me. She asked me to stay and further my education. I wanted to go to school so I stayed and truly, I began studies in UPSA this year.

Now, I made a video of the man forcing me for sex just a week before I left for school. That day I made sure he forced me till I was out of breath then I finally allowed him. When I got to campus, I sent it to him and threatened to show it to his wife and the whole church if he fails to agree with my terms. Currently, he sends me Ghc 1,000.00 weekly as an agreement we have had. I am not going to that house anymore.

He Forced Me And He’s Now Paying For His Sins Weekly.
He Forced Me And He’s Now Paying For His Sins Weekly.

They are not seeing me again. I have the video and I intend blackmailing the man with it till I complete uni and have all I want. Just that I feel sorry for the wife and wish to stop but, I can’t afford to drop out of school. Please, what do I do, kindly advise me please.

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