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He Doesn’t Know That His Most Trusted Pastor Is Sleeping With Me.

My pastor and I have been having an affair for over ten years now. I don’t even know who the father of my children are because I was sleeping with them both. I have been reading people’s confessions on your page for the past weeks now. A part of me wants to confess and seek help from you because people’s confessions make me feel like my day of doom is near.

It all started when I came to Accra thirteen years back to start my life. I joined this fast growing church in Dansoman, I was twenty-two years old by then. I managed to secure a single room with my savings and secured a job in a hotel as a receptionist. In the church, I joined the choir and ensured I participate in every activity plus, I was consistent and diligent. I didn’t have any family member in Accra so I wanted to ensure I establish one in the church and I succeeded.

About eight months of my stay in Accra, I met this gentleman who was also an Ewe like myself. We fell in love and dated for about a year but he broke my heart later. I cried to my pastor and that was when it all started. He said he will connect me to one of his spiritual sons in the UK who is also in need of a partner, he said all the good things about me and why he wants to connect us.

He Doesn’t Know That His Most Trusted Pastor Is Sleep With Me.
He Doesn’t Know That His Most Trusted Pastor Is Sleeping With Me.

Things happened so quickly after that day. He gave my contact to the guy and as I got to know him, I realized he was a good person. For about four months, we were in a distance relationship. In the fifth, we started arranging marriage. He was going to come back in the sixth month for us to settle down so I broke the news to my pastor.

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That was the moment my own pastor started blackmailing me. He said to my face that he was going to ask the guy not to marry me because another sister from the church is more reliable than myself. I asked him what he was going to tell the guy was wrong with me and he said he will tell him that he still senses a connection between my Ex and I. He then said I should offer him myself so he can just overlook it.

He Doesn’t Know That His Most Trusted Pastor Is Sleep With Me.
He Doesn’t Know That His Most Trusted Pastor Is Sleeping With Me.

It was a distance relationship and I was in love. The guy would believe anything he hears, especially when it is coming from a pastor he trusts. I decided to give in to his offer, thinking it will be just once but I was wrong. Since that day till I got married to the guy and beyond, I always want this man. I don’t know what he did to me but I am able to feel for him so badly that nothing excites me till we have an encounter. The annoying part is, the moment we are done, I feel some hatred for him and I say to myself, this is my last! Three days later, my vagina is yearning for his horrible dick. It affects my mood, my reasoning and even my relationship with my husband and children. Until I have him, I will not be okay.

I actually think there is something involved so I spoke to my husband that we should attend a different church but he insists we stay.
I need your help. It’s been ten years and counting. I don’t want this to continue. I am 35 years old. Our first child is almost ten years old. This needs to end before it destroys my family. My husband trusts this man so much but I don’t! I don’t even have a spiritual life anymore because of what’s happening. What should I do sir, I need your help please.

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