He Does Not Want To Share My Pair Of ’Oranges’ With His Babies.

Before I said ‘I do’ to my husband four years ago, I knew how much of a BREAST lover he was. In fact, he loved and cared for my breast even more than myself but I didn’t know it was going to affect us when we start having kids.

When I had my first child three years ago, my husband behaved as if the baby was his enemy just because I breast feed him. When he arrived at the hospital that afternoon and saw my breast in the baby’s mouth, the joy on his face vanished immediately. It was funny at first, I even made a joke of it but then, he proved me wrong.

He Does Not Want To Share My Pair Of ’Oranges’ With His Babies.
He Does Not Want To Share My Pair Of ’Oranges’ With His Babies.

When we arrived home after being discharged, my husband and I argued all through the night because he wants me to press the milk into a bottle for the baby rather than feeding him directly so that he (my husband), sucks it directly.

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I refused and to my surprise, my husband stopped eating. For days I never saw him put any food in his mouth. He would tell me he has lost appetite. I had to start breast feeding him alongside the baby because he was slimming down rapidly.

After six months, I had to stop breastfeeding our son and start giving him baby foods while my husband had the breast to himself. That was when I had peace in my home again. I wasn’t happy with what happened, sincerely! So I told him we won’t have any more babies.

Just one is okay so that we can have the peace we deserve but he pleaded that we have two kids at least.
I got pregnant last year. Instead of being joyful, I was sad because I know my man and I will start having issues after delivery but he pampered me and promised he will behave different this time around.

He Does Not Want To Share My Pair Of ’Oranges’ With His Babies.

I had another baby boy this very past February and though he is trying to keep his promise, I can see he isn’t happy at all. He has started slimming down again, he eats very little. At night, I hear him sort of crying sometimes. I have caught him twice in the bathroom crying and when I asked what was wrong, he said it was just headache.

I am not really happy the way things are going. Everyone thinks my husband is under some sort of pressure or is sick, I don’t even know what to tell people when they ask me about his weight loss. He is miserable, my husband is a thick tall man but if you see him right now, he looks same size as myself. Small and confused.

I don’t know what to do, it’s been just two months since I gave birth. Feeding him and the baby makes me weak and tired. Our kids are like himself, they love food. This very baby I have now is unlike the first one, he wants to suck breast every five seconds like his dad.

What do you suggest I do to save my husband from his misery? I am not happy the way he looks at all; I feel so terrible. I love him and I love the fact that he loves me. Please help me save my man. Thanks.

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