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He “Bluethicked”My Message For 1 And Half Years Saying He Was Busy.

I was added to a WhatsApp group when I was in level 300. I knew a number of people in that group, not in person tho. Some of them had asked me out before but have rejected them others still kept asking me out wanting to meet me forcefully. I am the type who like making friends but barely meet them in real life. After posting my pictures during the group reintroduction, I heard rumors about my pictures. Some guys told others I was bad and bla bla just because I looked sexy and nice. I am a very fit girl with abs and a great figure but it isn’t for boys, I just love fitness.

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Anyways one guy texted me privately, we spoke for sometimes and later planned on meeting him at Lapaz that same day because I was around and he was the only person who barely spoke in the group.
I met him and guess what he was really cute, fair and handsome. I really liked him and from there we got close and I asked him out. We started dating.
It was a great start, I told my bestie about him and she told me if he was real and good then she was happy. I literally gave this guy any amount of money he asked for, he even came to stay with me in my house, fed him and like I sacrificed my life for this guy. He can tell me he is hungry at midnight and I will go out and get him food not once or twice, many times. He was so selfish when it came to sex but I was faithful to him. He will stop sex when he releases and doesn’t care if I climaxed or not. Our romance was liked it was by force but still I loved him. I even heard rumors he was a play boy but I did not care. Once I love you I love you.

He “Bluethicked”My Message For 1 And Half Years Saying He Was Busy.

I thought he loved me the way I did. Not knowing aside the main group the boys had another WhatsApp group where they spoke about their bad boys things. They bet on me that anyone who could date me or lay me wins.
This means that fair guy won cause I ended up dating him. Tracing this source it made sense why all the boys in the group wanted to have something to do with me. I never connected them till I took my time to trace all these things. But at then I did not know.
What caused our separation was that, my bestie asked me to test my guy if he was kind because all the time I fed him and gave him money he never gave me a pin but well I was the girl with everything I needed. I texted him one morning that I needed Gh20.00 he blueticked me for a year and a half. We were chatting but as soon as I mentioned that he disappeared haha. I never texted back, I was really hurt. It broke me for months. He came back after a year and a half to apologize that he was busy. So I asked you got busy a year and a half?

He “Bluethicked”My Message For 1 And Half Years Saying He Was Busy.
He “Bluethicked”My Message For 1 And Half Years Saying He Was Busy.

Really? I told him he should forget because I have moved on long time. He begged me he wanted me back and I asked why. He told me it is like I cursed him, all the girls he dated after me really fucked him up. He told me he wanted to confess something which I gave him the go ahead. That was when he told me he never loved me and it was a bet among the guys to win me but dating me he got to know I was different. The guys told him I was a bad girl and bla bla but I wasn’t close to what they said, I told him it was too late I already got another guy then he started mentioning some of the guys’ names that they claimed they had laid me. I laugh really hard because none of these cases were true but yeah such is life. When you decide to fall in love, someone is staking on your life. Fear Men! Fear Men Agenda!!

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