Giving Ladies A Money Bouquet Is Disrespectful – Lady Warns men

A Nigerian writer named @skheegs007 on Twitter thinks the popular money bouquet, which is intended for women, is insulting and rather prefers the traditional bouquet of flowers.

She made this comment in response to a tweet from a person named Alabi, who asserted that Nigerian girls invented the money bouquet because they detest flowers.

She continued by asserting that giving a female so much money merely acts as a vehicle for guys to display their inflated egos and machismo.

In her words:

“I love flowers. And I find money bouquet really disrespectful. I see it as an ego booster for a man who just wants to show off. I’d rather the money sent to my account than sticking it to my flowers. I also think it’s razz.” 

See tweet below;

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