Ghanaian slayer, Shugatiti Give Lap Dance To A Customer Who Came To Patronize Her (Video)

Ghanaian actress and socialite, Shugatiti left folks drooling when she sat on a customer at her restaurant as part of her unique customer service.

Shugatiti is the CEO of the controversial eatery Potof Shuga. The restaurant left folks divided when it was opened by the actress, with many finding her niche unconventional.

Despite the backlash it received, the restaurant seems to be doing quite well, and a good number of individuals troop in to patronise food.

Shugatiti’s unique customer service is one of the popular attributes of the eatery. In a video, she showed a young man how well she treats her customers.

The young man, who is believed to be the boyfriend of Kumawood actress Yaa Jackson received a subtle lap dance from Shugatiti whiles she sat him.

Yaa Jackson could be heard in the background cheering them on, but later, she hilariously screamed for Shugatiti to stop when she noticed the innocent dance was spiralling out of control.

The video caused a frenzy on social media as many people admired Shugatiti’s friendly customer service and said they would visit the restaurant for a similar experience.

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