Funny Father Takes Little Daughter to Kitchen, Makes Her Wash Her Water Bottle for Staying Awake At 2Am

A father has shared a hilarious video showing the action he took after his little daughter refused to sleep. As early as 3. am, the little girl stayed awake and her father took her to the kitchen to wash her water bottle.

The video has kept netizens in stitches as they gush over the baby’s little and tender hands washing a bottle. A funny father took drastic measures to pay back his little daughter who stayed awake at around 2-3 in the morning.

In a hilarious clip, the father took her to the kitchen and made sure that she washed her bottle. He lifted her tiny right hand with his own hand and gently slid her fingers into the bottle to wash.

Watch Video HERE

Reacting to the hilarious clip, most netizens found it very funny while others thought the action was not acceptable. Mixed reactions trail viral video

@emmy_lou73 said: “I’m going to show this to my 29 year old son and show him that literal babies wash more dishes than he does!”

@jaidennnn01 commented: “Not me showing my 1 month old daughter this video and telling her she can start doing it too then.”

@vivcuevas30 stated: “This is funny and cute, but please put a towel where she’s sitting at sinks are always so cold and she looks like little newborn.”

@oliviasilva74 reacted: “I just want to say that if you didn’t know newborns have a hard time regulating their body temperature and I noticed she didn’t have a sleeper on.”

@magohuizar956 reacted: “Next time, try sitting on the sink and notice how cold it feels. imagine the baby. those sinks are cold.”
@eyezwide0pen added: “I think its amazing to teach them young. It was a cute video. Karen’s really need to get a grip. When you do everything for your kids they lack.”

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