6 Fun and Fl!rty Games to Play Over Text

Do you need apps to play games with your friends? Heck, you don’t even need to be together to have fun. Try these fl!rty, fun games to play over text!

What If?

The more unusual and ridiculous the scenarios, the more fun it will be. This is a great way for you and your friends to pick each other’s brains and get to know each other a little better.

WWYD (What Would You Do?)

Ask your friend what they would do given certain situations, such as winning a billion bucks, finding out that he or she only has one day to live, and many other scenarios

Truth or Dare?

Truth or dare is a game that was once best played late at night, among a group of friends. But these days, it’s one of the best fun and flirty game to play over text.

Fun and Flirty Games to Play Over Text
Fun and Flirty Games to Play Over Text

Finish My Sentence

This texting game is best played with close friends and romantic partners. One person will start a sentence and the other will complete it. The sentences can be cool, funny, and even a little dirty.

Lightning Fast

This texting game is a great way to see into someone’s inner psyche. You will send your friend a word and they must reply with the first thing that pops in their mind when they read that word– easy peasy and oh so much fun!

Would You Rather?

“Would You Rather” is a fun texting game, and it’s also known as “either-or” The Would You Rather game requires you and your friend to pick one of two difficult choices.

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