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“From One GOAT to Another” – Lil Wayne Say Jay-Z Is the Greatest Rapper of All Time

World-renowned US rapper Lil Wayne has shared that Jay-Z is the greatest rapper of all time in a recent interview. In a snippet of the interview, Lil Wayne couldn’t even come up with the words to explain why he thinks Jay-Z is the best.

Hip-hop heads agreed with the 6 Foot 7 Foot hitmaker and also gave Jay-Z his flowers for his discography, longevity, bars and for being a business mogul.

Lil Wayne has given Jay-Z his flowers. In a recent interview, the US superstar shared that Jigga is the greatest rapper of all time. Lil Wayne thinks Jay-Z is the greatest rapper off all time.

Beyoncé’s man has dropped classics such as Empire State Of Mind, Big Pimpin’, Dirt Off Your Shoulder and 99 Problems, among others. The billionaire is also respected for signing artists like Rihanna and Kanye West who have also touched a billion dollars through music.

Daily Loud took to Twitter to share a clip of the 6 Foot 7 Foot hitmaker singing Jay-Z’s praises. The outlet captioned its post: “Lil Wayne says Jay-Z is the greatest rapper of all time.” Hip-hop heads took to the outlet’s comment section on the micro-blogging app to share their thoughts on Weezy’s remarks.

Many agreed with Lil Wayne, adding that he’s also one of the greatest.
@onyxrhodetahuri commented: “Hits, bars, discography, longevity, influence, business mogul. Jay is the best ever!”

@schredded wrote: “He’s being humble, Weezy is the greatest ever.”

@DJKIDKREO said: “Lil Wayne’s the Best Rapper Alive, Jay-Z is the Greatest Rapper Alive.” @FerrieraMel commented: “I’d agree.. Jay-Z is the best. There are plenty of aspects that need to be fulfilled here. Jay-Z is proven.”
@sirmurando wrote: “He’s saying that but deep down he knows he is the GOAT.”

@camicy44 said: “I agree. I do wish Lil Wayne would try to take the time to compose his lyrics more instead of punchline rapping. He never runs out of punches but listening to jay z takes you on a journey. Wayne’s Albums get somewhat close to that but still majority is freestyle.” @peru_mother wrote: “From one Goat to another. Gotta respect that man.”

@WhoIsGodDAMED added: “It didn’t take nothing for Lil Wayne to say that about his brother.”

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