“Formula Slaps”: Girl Caught Eating Baby Formula.

A funny video of an older child getting caught eating dry baby formula has peeps admitting they do it too.

Twitter user @jah_vinny_23 shared the clip showing the girl getting caught by the mother, she did not know where to run.

The comment section was quickly filled by people who claimed they do not blame the girl as formula is apparently the vibe.

Apparently, dry baby formula is a treat. A video of a girl getting caught stealing scoops of baby formula had people admitting their guilt. This girl loves the taste of baby formula and got caught by the baby’s mother.

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Twitter Some adults eat purity, and even some like baby cereal, but formula is a wow. That stuff is expensive, which makes it a delicacy, neh?

Twitter user @jah_vinny_23 shared a clip of an older girl child making a baby a bottle and then taking a scoop of dry formula for herself. Mom was hiding around the corner and caught her in the act. Sis did not know where to turn when she popped out.

The people of twitter admit to loving the taste of baby formula. While you think the comment section would be filled with confusion and question, it became a confessions space. Lol, people are here for the baby formula! Take a look:

@LadyMay_K said: “At her big age? Worst part she puts the same spoon in her mouth?”

@lerato_mol said: “I once caught my younger brother putting it in his tea… ”

@MaboeNdi said: “You guys don’t understand how nice baby’s food is I even buy myself Purity’s because they are nice. I don’t blame her at all okay.”

@Daphnedark1 said: “Nan slaps I did with my younger sister and my baby and definitely will do it with my next one if I get to have another one or if my younger brother has kids and definitely not ashamed of it.”

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