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FINALLY: Meet The Lady Behind The Voices You Hear In All TikTok Videos

A young white lady has gone online to show that she is the voice behind the popular bot-like voice in all TikTok clips.

To convince people that she was not lying, the lady spoke and even made another clip to answer people’s question in the same voice.

Many TikTokers who were surprised at seeing the supposed face behind the voice stated that they have made her say some really funny things.

If you have ever used TikTok to create content or watch a video on the platform, then you must be familiar with a lady’s voice who says everything creators want her to say.

In a video that has gathered millions of views, a lady with the handle @voiceofkat came out to say that she is the voice behind many TikTok videos. People said that they have used the same voice to do many things.

She described herself as a voiceover artist who is presently working for TikTok. When she spoke in her video, a lot of people were amazed. They said they had to listen to the voice many times to see if it matches. In a separate clip, the lady responded to people who said she was lying. She stated that to do that will be very costly for her career as a voiceover artist.

As at the time of writing this report, the video has stirred massive reactions with almost 20,000 comments. We compiled some of the reactions below:

Hamed Ahmadi said: “I’m not convinced but just wanted to be here before it blows up.”

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