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Capsules For Daily Living/Ep10: Fighting Mental Health And Depression.

Friends, when you put yourself in the shoes of others, it helps you realize people out there in the world have got real battles; and in this case, it’s with depression.

For that reason I am here to aid in the fight against depression the only way I know how; through knowledge.

Knowledge given in two steps.

My aim is to bring an end to it through a simple practice, in fact it’s so simple it might be considered laughable.

Here’s an excerpt from one of the steps.

Fighting mental health and depression.


Music is an influencer. In fact one of the strongest influencers in the world; that’s why it’s the “Cash cow” of the entertainment industry. The power of music is “creation of environment”.

Music creates and keeps you in a “mental environment” which is really the most important environment an individual can find himself. You ever been in a room full of people laughing but found nothing funny? If yes, well it’s due to your mental environment.

It’s like being surrounded by people who care for you, but you still feel alone.
These are products of our mental environment.

Why is our environment important? As we know, the human environment plays a huge part in our growth, mentality, and other aspects of our lives.

For example, Most people who grew poor(and were told they were poor) usually have an inferiority complex. Those who grew up rich(and were told so) turn up having a superiority complex.
This is why the right environment is vital for us.

Fighting mental health and depression.
Fighting mental health and depression.

That’s why music has different genres, to promote or put you in different environments. Make a selection from Hip hop, Pop, blues, rock, and they all create different environments.

So how does music create an environment for people? By engaging their emotions. Through this, you find yourself in that environment created by the music you are listening to. The longer you stay in that environment you are being conditioned in line with the music being played.

You’ve heard people speak of how music was their escape, but why do they use such expressions? well it’s because music helps you escape to a place(Environment) different from your present one. The expression of what is experienced in that environment can sometimes be manifested through our bodies such as dancing or disposition.

So with the power of music, you escape your present, depressed environment and reside in a better one. Until you are conditioned to be a product of that environment.

Now as always I don’t claim to be as knowledgable as the professionals who deal with mental health issues. But I’m willing to share my knowledge, maybe it might be of help to you.

If that interests you, drop a comment with your contacts and i will gladly send a message.

Thanks to everyone who read and God bless you.

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